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The domain http://shapleyvalue.com has a bare-bones shapely value calculator and links to https://www.effectivealtruism.org/ as well as having various EA-related examples. https://who.is/whois/shapleyvalue.com lists the domain expiry date as 2022-09-24, which is tomorrow.

I am posting here in the hopes that if someone wants that website renewed, they can do so before it is too late. I have also emailed the domain's contact email. (I am not familiar with the domain registration process, so it is possible there is some automation which will deal with this just before the domain would expire.)




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Hey, I own this domain. It was set to auto-renew today, but I had an outdated credit card, so thanks for noticing.

This post and reply are quite a triumph for the connectivity of the EA Forum!

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I would put the domain name in the title, so people managing one of the hundreds of EA websites don't skip a heartbeat

Sorry about that! I have updated the title so none else will be startled.

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