For individuals focused on earning to give, do we have any good resources or recommendations for financial advisers who have worked with individuals focused on earnings to give? I'm aware of the 80,000 post from 2015 that provides relevant thoughts on investing advice, but would be interested if there are any other resources or recommendations here.

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I run Antigravity Investments, an EA-aligned investing firm that helps EA nonprofits and individuals with investing. Our EA Forum article with public recommendations is mostly focused on cash management, although Appendix B discusses higher-EV investing options.

We give free advice and typically charge a low fee for directly managing portfolios. Feel free to reach out at

For a DIY approach in the United States, we recommend a portfolio with low-fee ETFs. A DIY approach with ETFs makes it possible to donate investments that have gone up in value without paying any taxes, which is an optimal way to donate.

Thomas Denkenberger (disclosure: my brother) is a financial advisor and an EA. He has been working with me over the last 10 years to use rationality to exploit irrationalities in the market and enable greater donations. As many EAs have pointed out, one should be risk neutral and maximize returns when it comes to investing to give (though of course he can customize if you are risk averse).