Some effective altruists and rationalists in British Columbia have begun mulling over the option of whether they would be able to sponsor a fellow community member living in Ukraine to stay as a refugee in Canada. There is a process by which 5 or more citizens of Canada can sponsor a refugee. Have you or anyone else you know in the community begun considered doing something similar or other ways to aid peers still in Ukraine?

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See this similar question here for other ways to coordinate. As for me, I'm a Canadian in Alberta interested in helping out, whether financially or with figuring out the process. Please reach out to me and let me know what you have in mind.

Thanks for your interest. Some of us are still learning the details about one criterion that the five sponsors for any refugee live in the same area. That might mean all sponsors need to live in the same municipality, district, province, etc. 

I'm aware of only one other EA community member in Alberta who may be interested in sponsoring a refugee but I don't know, so I'd have to ask. There may be others in Alberta who might also be willing to sponsor a refugee but I would need to try contacting them. As of now, I am aware there is only one potential refugee in question who'd need to be sponsored. I'll keep you updated.

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Here is an update on our efforts in Canada.

  1. There are nearly five of us who would be willing to sponsor a refugee to settle in Canada (indefinitely or for however long the war might last). There is a requisite amount of money that must be committed beforehand to cover at least a few months worth of costs for settling in Canada and living here for a few months. Determining whether 3 or more of us would be able to cover those costs appears to be the most significant remaining bottleneck before we decide whether to take this on.

  2. There are two effective altruists in the province of Alberta who would be willing to sponsor another refugee if another may need that help. If you or someone you know is in touch with someone living in Alberta, in particular the Calgary or Edmonton areas, who might be willing to sponsor as a refugee a community member for Ukraine, please reply with a comment or contact me.