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Carly: I've categorized this post as "Personal Blog" because it contains very little information that would allow other users to figure out how to best answer your question. If you elaborate further on the problem and some different approaches to solving it, I'd be open to moving this post to "Frontpage".

I disagree; I see "supply chain accountability" as a very specific, almost technical term (the word international is a little bit redundant, though), which contains enough information for me to figure out what it means.

I researched this at some point; will try to write something up this week, though I might do so in a separate post. Thanks for asking the question!

Downvoted, because the concepts are not clear and should be explained, because the topic is removed from current conversation of EA Cause Areas and because I doubt that there is a simple answer to that.

I'd definitely be interested in a post that tries to explain the problem, gives preliminary analysis of why it may be a good cause area, and presents several possible solutions.