There have been a few EA initiatives promoting leaving a bequest to charity.


There's also a movement of inheritors committing to donate some of their wealth, e.g., GenerationPledge, some of whom have ties to EA.

To inform some upcoming conversations and initiatives on these (and potentially a more formal, anonymous survey), I wanted to get some rough feedback from the EA (Forum) community.

In the comment threads below, I break down the questions in the title of this post for comments and agree/disagree voting.[1]

In addition to agree/disagree voting (please), I encourage you to see these questions as jumping-off points. Feel free to leave expansive comments on your personal experience and thought processes. I also welcome feedback on the questions, and how they could be better posed.

Thanks in advance for your input.

  1. I wanted to get a GuidedTrack survey up for this, but I couldn't get it going in time. I thought GPT knew or could learn that syntax, but it was too slow. Anyways, I think an open conversation is also helpful. ↩︎




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Wait a second I just realised a flaw in this system: I don’t think approval voting keeps track of how many people voted. Going forward PLEASE VOTE YES to this comment so I can keep count.

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Actually I'm wrong -- you see this when you hover-over; thanks Jack. I'll delete this comment

Q8: Is it important for you that your parents would approve of you donating from your inheritance (i.e., would it make it easier for you to do so)?

Q7: Would you consider making a pledge to donate from your inheritance?

Q6: Would you consider donating some substantial share of your inheritance to effective charities?

Q5: Do you expect to inherit more than $100k (in US dollar equivalent value of all assets) from your parents?

Q4: Whether or not you have written a will or plan to do so soon... do you intend to leave some or all of your assets to an effective charity?

Q3: Would you like to write your will within the next year, if an individual or organization you trust would help you do it?

Q2: Have you written a will involving a bequest to an effective charity/charities?

"Have you established a legally binding will?" (I.e., bequest, i.e., 'last will and testament')