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  • Open Phil have made 15 grants recently with a total value of $4,553,000
    • $2,680,000 - Scientific research
    • $550,000 - Macroeconomic stabilisation policy
    • $500,000 - Immigration policy
    • $477,000 - Criminal justice reform
    • $267,000 - Farm animal welfare
    • $79,000 - Other areas
  • The EA Global Health and Development Fund has made two grants recently


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Just wanted to say I appreciate the inclusion of good news. EA's focus on big difficult problems can get a bit depressing/discouraging (at least for me), so it's nice to have a reminder that good things are happening too.

Thanks, lots of cool things that slipped my other content aggregation nets.

Just in case others also were curious about where the "Scientific research" grants of OpenPhil went to: