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I created a google sheet with titles and links for over 1900 EA videos (There are 2000+ listed but some are duplicates) . It took ~4 hours in total including this post.

How I did it

  • Installed the data miner plugin
  • Scraped (i.e., extracted) the links from this post and categorized them as suggested
  • Searched on YouTube for EA videos and scraped some of those
  • Did some fiddling around to get the URLS working properly
  • Deduplicated the URLs


What you might use the sheet for

  • Finding videos quickly. This sheet seems like one of the quickest and easiest ways to find videos for social media posts, website, groups meetings, conferences, entertainment etc. Just search (ctrl-F) for a person or term and then see the various options.
  • Creating a YouTube playlist for your entertainment or education. For example, I plan to make a copy of the sheet and use it to watch and mark off all the videos on various topics that I want to learn more about.
  • Curating videos better. I'd love if someone used this to create a website/database with filtering based by rating/quality/type/length etc. I'd like to be able to find the short animated videos or best rated videos for different areas.


How to add more videos

Just add them to this sheet and I will move them over when I get time. Note that it is very easy to scrape a whole channel or playlist with the data miner plugin.

Future plans

I am happy to occasionally add videos and also to find and promote particularly good ones but it won’t be a priority for me. If anyone wants to make this their project then let me know and I can give you full ownership.


Analysis of text data

Alexander Saeri did an analysis of the text data for the video (see below of example output).  It might be worth a look if you are curious about the distribution of video topics within the list.

You can download it here (open in a browser)


My small task was greatly helped and partially inspired by Micheal Aird's post.

Recent forum posts/discussions also helped me to see the value in more video creation/curation and doing something to help with that (e.g., see what I discussed here). 




Sorted by Click to highlight new comments since:

Relevant to this: I made a spreadsheet of all EA-aligned video content creators that I'm aware of. 

There's a new channel that could be added: (doesn't have much yet, but seems promising)


Don't know if this fits the bill, but this channel talks about papers in AI and it's really fun and useful, especially  for examples of improvements in the field and examples of gaming specifications: https://www.youtube.com/user/keeroyz

Thanks Chana - I had a look but I think that the videos on this channel are a bit too technical and diverse for me to add to the spreadsheet. 

Thanks, have added

I see  duplicates in this list. An example: "Considerations for fundraising in effective altruism | Stefan Torges | EAGxNetherlands 2018"

I recommend deduplicating using the video parameter value of the url rather than the entire parameter.

Further, it may be worth deduplicating by title, in the case of reuploads.

Regardless, thank you for putting this list together!

Thanks Emma! I had a second pass and removed ~ 200 more duplicate urls and titles. Let me know if you have more suggestions!

Hi, some of the links later in the list aren't aligned with the matching title. For example, row 1787 has the youtube link to Deworm the World, 5 rows above. It appears to just be an offset introduced at some point. 

Also, the links all seem to have a double slash // in the url. This doesn't break anything though.

There is a link to the channel 'Ryan' in this list. They don't have any EA related videos.


Thanks for the collection, I'm sure it will uncover things that I wouldn't have come across otherwise.

Thanks! I checked that and noticed that I had made a mistake. To fix I reverted the sheet to a previous version.  Basically, if I deduplicate column A it removes title duplicates but this misaligns the titles and the urls. If I deduplicate columns A and B together the process finds no duplicates. This is probably because the duplicate titles have different urls.  

I think I will just keep those duplicates  for now as that seems better than the alternatives.


I removed the Ryan link. f you see anything in the new sheet please comment there or here.

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