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by MichaelA1 min read2nd Mar 20207 comments


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I think this list of EA-related podcasts and this directory to various EA-related resources are great, for helping people learn about, and keep up with, the wonderfully growing set of EA-related ideas and research.

But I’m not aware of any list of all the sources of EA-related videos - not just a list of individual videos, but of channels, playlists, or sites with tens or hundreds of videos each. So, since I’m a massive nerd who’s had to keep finding new sources of videos to gobble up, I thought I’d make such a list.

I’ve roughly grouped the sources by topic. Within each topic, I’ve put the sources roughly in order from most to least “relevant to that topic or useful in my very subjective opinion”. But don't read too much into the ordering, as there are some sources I just haven’t yet watched videos from.

Various EA-related topics

I don’t bother listing these sources again in each of the other sections they’re relevant to, as most of them are relevant to basically all other topics.

Centre for Effective Altruism [has all or most EAG talks since 2016, I think]

EAGxNordics 2019

Harvard Effective Altruism

EAGx Australia [starts from 2019]

Effective Altruism Australia [has all or most EAGx Australia talks until 2019, I think]

EAGxVirtual Unconference 2020

Effective Altruism Global [has all or most EAG talks until 2016, I think]

EA Global Melbourne 2015 [there’s also this playlist from the same channel, which I think is just a subset of the videos from the other playlist]

Women and Non-Binary Altruism Mentorship [this is an EA group that posts recordings from their Women in EA seminar series]

Stiftung für Effektiven Altruismus [at least some videos are in English. There’s also this playlist, which I think is just a subset of the videos from the other channel]

Effective Altruism NYC

Founders Pledge

80,000 Hours

Effective Altruism Princeton/Coursera course by Peter Singer

Effective Altruism [has only two videos, both from 2016]

Longtermism/existential risks

Future of Life Institute

Future of Humanity Institute

Foresight Institute

Global Priorities Institute

Center on Long-Term Risk

Princeton Workshop on Historical Systemic Collapse


Very heavy AI focus


Beneficial AI 2017 Conference in Asilomar

Robert Miles' videos on AI safety

Cause priorisation/global priorities

Global Priorities Institute

Animal welfare

Animal Ethics

Animal Charity Evaluators

Charity Entrepreneurship

GFI's free MOOC on plant-based and cell-based meat

Global health and development

The Life You Can Save


Charity Entrepreneurship

Other areas many EAs are interested in

Mental health

Charity Entrepreneurship


Foresight Institute

Entrepreneurship, decision-making, productivity, etc.

Charity Entrepreneurship's free online course "How to make effective decisions"


Please mention in the comments any other relevant channels, playlists, or sites, or similar lists, that you’re aware of. I hope to update this list over time, and have it be a useful one-stop shop. In particular, I’m mostly focused on longtermism myself, and thus I haven’t specifically looked for sources of videos focused on other cause areas, so please comment if you know of any.

Also, disclaimer: I am not advising anyone spend their whole lives watching all these videos, or that they limit themselves only to these ideas that are already sort-of in the EA ecosystem (rather than exploring the rest of the world’s knowledge and then bringing some back into EA). I’m just providing a list for if and when you do want explicitly EA-related videos.