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What are some good online courses relevant to EA?

by EdoArad1 min read14th Apr 20208 comments


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I'm familiar with Peter Singer's Effective Altruism Course on Coursera and this microdegree by MIT on Development Economics which contains several courses.

What other free online courses would you recommend?

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3 Answers

Apparently, this year, Charity Entrepreneurship will be making the first half of their program freely available online:

This course focuses on the main reason many charities fail to have an impact. As making better decisions is helpful to almost all charity founders (as well as for a wide range of other roles), we have worked to make this program publicly available as an audit program. It will be open over the summer. Subsequently, we will evaluate if it should stay up long term.

The Good Food Institute have a short online course relevant to animal-free food technology. It's not very detailed, but I understand that they are working on adding to it so that it becomes a more thorough walk-through of the issues and technical knowledge.

Additionally, Animal Advocacy Careers is a new nonprofit focusing on addressing career and talent bottlenecks in the effective animal advocacy community. One intervention that we're planning to trial this year is running an online course and workshop focusing on integrating 1) effective animal advocacy research and 2) 80k and EA career considerations into career decision-making. People can express interest in participating in that programme here.

80,000 Hours' Guide to working in AI policy and strategy recommended these two MOOCs:

The first is free, and I believe the second is too. I did the first, and found it useful.

I'm also partway through watching Game Theory with Ben Polak from Yale, and it seems interesting and useful thus far. But note that that's just lectures, rather than a full "online course".

A similar role might also be served by some of these sources of EA-related videos (though again, most aren't "courses").