AMA: Elie Hassenfeld, co-founder and CEO of GiveWell

by ElieHassenfeld1 min read17th Mar 202033 comments


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Note: Aaron Gertler, a Forum moderator, is posting this with Elie's account. (That's why the post is written in the third person.)


This is a Virtual EA Global AMA: several people will be posting AMAs on the Forum, then recording their answers in videos that will be broadcast at the Virtual EA Global event this weekend.

Please try to post your questions by 6:00 pm PDT on Wednesday, March 18th. That's when Elie will record his video.


About Elie

Elie Hassenfeld is the CEO of GiveWell, which he co-founded in 2007 alongside Holden Karnofsky. He also helps to set the strategy and oversee the work of Open Philanthropy, and chairs EA Funds' Global Health and Development Fund.

Before launching GiveWell, Elie graduated from Columbia University with a degree in religion and spent several years in the hedge fund industry.