I want to know what you would be excited to see covered on the channel.

I'd especially like to know what videos you think would be optimal to make according to an optimization target you specify. It's more effortful, but more useful, to answer that question instead of just "what would be good video topics?".

Answers that go the extra mile and explain their reasoning in detail will be especially appreciated. 

That said, I also welcome answers to the easier question "what would be good video topics?" and without much argumentation.




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I know you have the exact opposite position on this as me but It would be nice If you could try to do justice to the Negative Utilitarian Idea that terraforming far off celestial bodies and creating more bisopheres is actually the worst thing humanity could ever do.

Require people building biospheres to stick nanotech in the brains of anything that can feel pain to make sure it doesn't get bad enough to stop being fun?

I don't think this is the place that a soft negative utilitarian actually breaks with a soft total utilitarian transhumanist.

Interesting! One idea they could expand on is that spreading to other stars would mean that the probe we send could later come back to kill us all. Basically, "humans" or probes on other stars would evolve differently from us, and it would take crazy long periods of time to communicate with them. It would be near impossible to coordinate an interstellar civilization, even with light-speed travel.

Perhaps you can work together with one of the worldbuilding contest winners to visualize one of the stories https://worldbuild.ai/winners/

Worldbuilding contest #2 winner here, would be happy to collaborate!  Here is an (AI-risk and "inadequate equilibria" focused) blog post summarizing my team's entry: A bridge to Dath Ilan? Improved governance on the critical path to AI alignment.  Although I note that FLI is already slowly working on producing some kind of media follow-up to the contest entries -- at least podcasts, and maybe videos or other products.

Considering how awesome your video on Prediction Markets is, I also think it could be a great idea to make videos about some of the institutional innovations that my worldbuilding scenario is built around -- charter cities / network states, alternate voting systems like approval voting and liquid democracy, and so forth.  (If you want to take things in an even more political direction, you could produce animated versions of the Bryan Caplan arguments for open borders or YIMBYism.)

For some more traditionally rationalist / EA media ideas, here are two of my comments on some previous threads about the idea EA documentaries.

Craziest idea: make a video about HPMOR -- either a movie-trailer-style animation, or a longer more traditional youtube-y style summary ... (read more)

Jackson Wagner
Brief attempt to "go the extra mile" and explain why I think these are good ideas: There is a natural tradeoff between making videos that draw in lots of new viewers (for instance, videos about aliens!) vs making videos that aren't as viral but communicate more of the information that you truly want to impart (for instance about futarchy or longtermism).  So you want to have the channel strike a balance between those two things, including by alternating between videos that are more viral-oriented versus more education-oriented. For education-oriented videos, I'd be thrilled if you made some more videos about institutional innovations, but that's just my personal hobbyhorse because I think it's underrated within EA.  The more obvious direction to go for education videos would be to basically just adapt the 80,000 Hours content into a series of videos.  (Some of these could have viral potential, of course.  Imagine a video about how you can do more good for the world as [counterintuitive career path like AI safety programmer or etc] than as a doctor --make sure to mention that fact about how the number of US doctors is essentially capped by protectionist regulations!  That would seem like a very controversial take to most normal people, IMO.)  Anyways, personally I think the goal of the educational videos should be communicating the core EA /  rationalist worldview and thinking style.  (Rather than, say, CFAR-style productivity tips or object-level education about detailed EA issues.)  I could talk about this in more detail if you are interested. For the virally-oriented videos, it's presumably more about just figuring out what's going to be a big hit.  Hence my thought that it might be good to recycle the greatest hits of the EA/rationalist movement, especially catchy fiction which might adapt better than abstract ideas.  Although I certainly don't know anything about growing a youtube channel to 100K subscribers, so all of my ideas about the viral side of things

Short productivity videos. For example: "what is a TAP", "what is Murphyjitsu", "what is goal factoring", etc. 

This, alongside your current "worldview expanding" content, curates an audience who is interested in tackling big questions and also cares about optimizing their personal impact. 

Expanding on the "big questions" side, I would like to see more content which inspires altruism (example). 

I recently heard the Radio Bostrom audio version of the Unilateralist's Curse after only having read it before. Something about the narration made me think that it lends itself very well to an explainer video. 

I recently searched "solar sails" on Youtube and saw no Kurzgesagt-like animation on the topic. It could be an interesting idea!