AMA: Leah Edgerton, Executive Director of Animal Charity Evaluators

by Leah_E1 min read17th Mar 202065 comments


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Note: Aaron Gertler, a Forum moderator, is posting this with Leah's account. (That's why the post is written in the third person.)


This is a Virtual EA Global AMA: several people will be posting AMAs on the Forum, then recording their answers in videos that will be broadcast at the Virtual EA Global event this weekend.

Leah will either respond in a video or with written answers. For now, I recommend trying to post questions by 2:00 pm PDT on March 18th (Wednesday), which is when Leah will record her video.


About Leah

Leah has been involved in the effective altruism community since 2011 and has been an animal advocate her whole life. 

From 2015–2017, she was an integral part of ACE’s communications team, building up their social media channels, growing the reach of their email list, and helping to plan and launch their website redesign. 

From 2017–2019, she worked at ProVeg International, one of ACE’s Standout Charities. In her role as ProVeg’s Strategy and Internationalization Manager, she conceptualized and grew the China Programme from scratch and coordinated with external academics to conduct experimental research on meat reduction interventions. She also worked with the executive team to support ProVeg’s strategic planning, international growth strategy, and internal communication systems. 

She returned to ACE’s team as Executive Director in February 2019.