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Are you an (aspiring) changemaker looking for the next thing to do? Consider founding something

In Nov and Dec of 2022 I have scoured the depths of the internet to find as many lists of impactful project/organization/charity ideas as I could to gain inspiration for what to start myself. I hope that sharing this curated version of my 'list of lists' can help more people to get the creative juices flowing and to take the next step.  

There are definitely resources that I have overlooked or newer ones which did not exist yet during my search, so I'd invite everyone to share ideas and links to additional resources in the comments. I sometimes update this list when I come across forum posts that seem relevant but the collection of relevant materials starting in 2023 might be less exhaustive.

Longtermist & Neartermist - mixed ideas

Longtermist ideas

Neartermist ideas

Bonus resources

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There are three good topic pages that related to this (note that it looks like not all the posts above have been tagged with the topics listed below that are relevant for those posts): 

I also think the Opportunity Board is really useful. 

Good point, it also reminded me to add the tags to the main text of this post as another tip for where to look. Thank you!

Here's another compilation we put together for our team's work on helping people found longtermist projects: [public] A rough list of ideas for scalable longtermist projects

Thank you for the addition! I added it 

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