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EA Bioethics just moved from Slack to a subforum on here (the EA Forum)! Join here!

While testing groups existing on the Forum (as opposed to Slack, FB group, etc) probably shouldn't be the main reason you join, this is an open invitation for anyone interested in bioethics to join :)

EA Bioethics is a pretty broad group of people who enjoy thinking about (in any capacity, professionally and for fun):

  •  research ethics --> how to we do research well? what is ethical research
  • medical ethics --> how do we make sure medicine is ethical? patients are well treated, we maximise scientific knowledge while minimising research and patient harms 
  • global (health) priorities research
  • biosecurity, dual use research, gain of function research 
  • moral philosophy and ethics
  • grantmaking --> what governments and institutions fund?
  • how should we measure and think about disease
  • and so much more!

If this interests you in any way, join our group, post an intro about yourself, and we can go from there :)

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I gave feedback about another subforum (software engineering) via email but thought it might be useful to add as a comment here about this one.

The 'subforum' seems to be more of a chatroom than a traditional subforum with separate threads where posts can be voted and promoted to the main forum.

It will be harder to create an internal subculture and to grow as a community.

This will make it much more unlikely to succeed and stop future subforum experiments even though this isn't a true subforum.

Another benefit of designing it as a traditional subforum is that there are already lots of related EA forum posts that could be placed in the subforum and allow people to engage with content straight away.

Thanks! I'll pass this along to the CEA dev team. They're working on adding channels, threads, etc but wanted to release something while the rest gets developed. 

Very excited to see experimentation here! I would love for there to be a way for the best sub-forum content to bubble up (assuming the author was happy with it).

Good point! I'll share it with the developers :)

Thank you for informing about this!

Is there a way to get automatically notified regarding a new post?

Not that I know of although I'll ask the dev. team about making it a feature

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