I am one of the co-directors of EA NYC. We are in the very initial stages of exploring the possibility of setting up a coworking space in NYC for people focused on EA-aligned work.

We have received strong initial support for this idea. At this time, this is very early-stage and may not come to fruition or may be limited in size, meaning we do not want to get anyone's hopes up at this juncture. If you are potentially interested in utilizing an EA coworking space in NYC, please fill out this survey by December 15.

We welcome any feedback. We are particularly interested in thoughts on (1) what the best version of this could look like, (2) how to make this financially feasible and accessible, and (3) risks we may not be properly anticipating.

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We recently started one in Berlin (https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/NnrHvJALEKH4Ykzyt/introducing-teamwork-an-ea-coworking-space-in-berlin). tl:dr I'm very happy with the decision. Happy to chat about details.

Have you talked to the other people running Coworking Spaces? There's one setting up in London, another in Berlin + Bay Area has had this for a while.

Is there any update on the London one?

Maybe ask around?

We run a coworking space in Prague. 

Very interesting idea! I may be preaching to the choir but the importance of a physical space to not only work but also gather for social gatherings (official and otherwise) is a key feature to robust community building. So I am super eager to see how it turns out! 

I am a student at Cornell up in Ithaca but travel to NYC once or twice a month and would love to have the ability to stop by somewhere where a ton of EA's are doing working, and chatting for a cup of coffee and a good chat! I have had the chance to meet with folks from other New York State and Boston Universities. It seems that generally, a lack of physical spaces for people to meet inter-collegiately seems to be a major point of frustration for many of us EAs. 

I'd be interested in this if I moved to NYC. I'm currently at the very early beginnings of preparing for interviews and I'm not sure where I'll land yet so I won't answer the survey. Definitely a great idea, though. The decently-sized EA community in NYC is one of the reasons it's my top choice for a place to move to.

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