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Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis. All applications must be submitted by Friday, March 22nd, 2024, 11:59 pm GMT.

CEA is hiring a head of communications. While a successful candidate would ideally have a strong communications background, we’re open to applications from generalists with strong foundational skills who can build a team with additional expertise. This is a senior leadership position reporting to the CEO. The remit of the role is broad, including developing and executing communications strategies for both CEA and effective altruism more broadly. We anticipate that this individual will become the foremost leader for strategic communications related to EA and will have a significant impact in shaping the field's strategy. This will include collaborating with senior leaders at other organizations doing EA-related work.

Both EA and CEA are at important inflection points. Public awareness of EA has grown significantly over the past 2 years, during which time EA has had both major success and significant controversies. To match this growth in awareness, we're looking to increase our capacity to inform public narratives about and contribute to a more accurate understanding of EA ideas and impact. The stakes are high: Success could result in significantly higher engagement with EA ideas, leading to career changes, donations, new projects, and increased traction in a range of fields. Failure could result in long-lasting damage to the brand, the ideas, and the people who have historically associated with them.

We’re looking for a leader who can design and execute a communications strategy for EA. This person will be a strategic partner with and member of CEA’s leadership team to help us shape both the substance and messaging of EA. You’ll be able to build from the foundation set by our existing team, building on the work of our outgoing head of communications to further grow and expand the team, which currently includes one full-time staff member and support from an external agency. CEA has a new CEO, who is in the process of developing a new organizational strategy and views strengthening our communications function as a key priority. You should expect significant organizational support—e.g. attention from senior leadership and the allocation of necessary financial resources.




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Given my recent experience with nitpicking about linkposts, the new head of communications should devote some time to improving debate on the EA Forum, to make it a more positive and encouraging place. People are just going to leave otherwise. There needs to be a more positive communication culture. And more moderators, perhaps, with a modicum of emotional intelligence. I find the EA forum lacks that.

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