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  • The Center for AI Policy is a new organization designed to influence US policy to reduce existential and catastrophic risks from advanced AI.
  • We are hiring for an AI Policy Analyst and a Communications Director. We’re also open to other roles. 

What is CAIP?

The Center for AI Policy (CAIP) is an advocacy organization that aims to develop and promote policies that reduce risks from advanced AI. 

Our current focus is building “stop button for AI” capacity in the US government.  We have proposed legislation to establish a federal authority that engages in hardware monitoring, licensing for advanced AI systems, and strict liability for extreme model harms. Our proposed legislation also develops the ability to “press the button” – the federal authority would also monitor catastrophic risks from advanced AI development, inform congress and the executive branch about frontier AI progress, and have emergency powers to shut down frontier AI development in the case of a clear emergency. More detail can be found in the work section of our website. 

We also aim to broadly raise awareness about extreme risks from AI by engaging with policymakers in congress and the executive branch. 

How does CAIP differ from other AI governance organizations?

Nature of the work: Many organizations are focused on developing ideas and amassing influence that can be used later. CAIP is focused on turning policy ideas into concrete legislative text and conducting advocacy now. We want to harness the current energy to pass meaningful legislation this policy window, in addition to building a coalition for the future. We are also being explicit about extinction risk with policy makers as the motivation behind our policy ideas. 

Worldview: We believe that in order to prevent an AI catastrophe, governments likely need to prevent unsafe AI development for multiple years, which requires they have secured computing resources, understand risks, and are prepared to shut projects down. Our regulation aims to build that capacity. 

Who works at CAIP?

CAIP’s team includes Thomas Larsen (CEO), Jason Green-Lowe (Legislative Director), and Jakub Kraus (COO). CAIP is also advised by experts from other organizations and is supported by many volunteers.

How does CAIP receive funding?

We received initial funding through Lightspeed Grants and private donors. 

We are currently funding constrained and think that donating to us is very impactful. You can donate to us here. If you are considering donating but would like to learn more, please message us at info@aipolicy.us.

CAIP is hiring

CAIP is looking for an AI Policy Analyst and a Communications Director. We are also open to applicants with different skills. If you would be excited to work at CAIP, but don’t fit into these specific job descriptions, we encourage you to reach out to info@aipolicy.us directly. 

If you know someone who might be a good fit, please fill out this referral form

Note that we are actively fundraising, and the number of people we are able to recruit is currently uncertain.




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