As some of you know, I’m working on growing the US market for Chinese tofus. I believe it could be a way to significantly reduce animal suffering, while shifting American dining culture. 

We just launched our book - Broken Cuisine - which introduces five of these tofus to Western home cooks. The goal is to spark curiosity and demand for these ingredients, so that we can convince retailers to carry them.

Do you have five minutes right now to take an action?

  1. Download our FREE e-book on Amazon. (If possible, TODAY)
  2. Skim through. 
  3. A day or two later, leave an honest review. (Amazon easily detects spam.)

Downloading and reviewing our book during launch week will convince the Amazon recommender algorithm to push our book, creating a virtuous cycle that will bring it to more people. If Broken Cuisine can crack the bestseller lists, I'm hopeful we can meaningfully start growing the market for these foods!

Thank you for your help!!




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I hope you're successful in introducing people to new foods they'll like!

Just as saying "I posted something new on the Forum, please go upvote" is frowned upon, however, I'd like to see us offering the same respect to other communities. I think the text of your post doesn't have this problem, but what would you think of dropping the "(Upvote on Amazon)" from the title?

Thanks Jeff! 

That's fine with me - just removed that wording. Thanks for the suggestion.

Very exciting! 

FYI, I noticed at least one duplication error in the Ebook. There might be others as well, I've only taken a look at the first few pages. 

oh no! Thanks for the catch. Will try to fix that right now

Congratulations George! After my recent visit to China (my first since I went vegan) I was truly blown away by how convincing a lot of the tofu meat substitutes are. Even my meat-eating brother was surprised. I'm glad that you're trying to bring this to Western audiences!

I will note that the UK e-book is not free, but I coughed up the £1.63 for it anyway ;)

Perhaps this isn't the place to discuss this, but despite the excellent fake meats in China, they really haven't taken off and meat consumption and production are at an all-time high. How much better do meat substitutes have to be for people to choose them over animal meat?

Thanks Jessica! I'm so with you on the Chinese alt protein scene... would love to see more folks promoting these foods abroad!

Ooh, thanks for catching the international e-book pricing - just messaged Amazon and they'll correct that today or tomorrow.

I think this is a pretty open question. I'm more skeptical of plant-based meats than a lot of folks, largely because I think "narratives" matter more than "taste" for food selection. Narratives scale, whereas taste is extremely individualized. But dominant food narratives in China (and in the US!) ascribe a lot more value to things like local, natural, farm-to-table, cultural than the things that PBM are good at.

Huh. When I was in singapore I felt like I was getting a deeper view of chinese cuisine than any knowledge I had acquired in the states, but I still didn't get into like game-changingly new ways of viewing tofu in particular. 

That's interesting. I wonder how Singapore compares to China for tofu? 

My impression is that Singaporean food overlaps most with Southeastern (Fujian and Cantonese) Chinese cooking, but those two cuisines use fewer varieties than other regions of China. Granted, I've never been, so this could be very wrong! Does anyone have a better sense?

Awesome, I got the UK ebook! I'm so excited to see this launched and I hope people love the book!

Thanks Bella!! I hope so too!

Amazing! Bought the UK version

Thanks for supporting! I'm not sure if Amazon has dropped the price yet... hopefully they should today or tomorrow.

Loved it! And the recipes. And learning how to cook with it more effectively too, super helpful.

Glad it was helpful!

This is so cool! I live in a largely veg*n co-op and am super excited to cook these recipes for them :)

Jealous of your housing! Let me know how folks like the recipes :)

Nice. I downloaded the e-book a few days ago and just submitted a review.

Thanks for your help.

Just downloaded your book, exciting!

I read your post about all the different tofus and some I recognised from living in New Zealand as there are huge Asian supermarkets, but of course, many others I'd never heard of.

I hope your book and your endeavor goes well.

Thank you. Now I'm curious how New Zealand compares to the US stuff!

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