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The Unjournal is inviting qualified candidates for a paid project, with two opportunities: Contracted Research (CR) and Independent Projects (IP). CR is a unique chance to contribute to the evaluation of key research themes in economics, policy, and social science, with fair compensation for your time. IP, a parallel opportunity, offers mentoring, feedback, and potential rewards for strong work. If you're interested in applying for either CR or IP, or if you have research you'd like us to assess, please fill out our survey form. For more details, check out our GitBook page.

Project Summary

The Unjournal seeks qualified candidates for a paid project: "Impactful Research Scoping for Evaluation Management" (see further details in the linked GitBook page). There are two opportunities: “Contracted Research” (CR) and “Independent Projects” (IP).


At The Unjournal, we coordinate and finance the public evaluation of hosted papers and dynamically presented research projects. We are working independently of traditional academic journals to build an open platform and a sustainable system for feedback, ratings, and assessment. The Unjournal aims to make rigorous research more impactful, and impactful research more rigorous.

Contracted Research (CR)

We are offering an opportunity to contribute to the identification and in-depth evaluation of impactful research themes in economics, policy, and social science. We’re looking for researchers and research-users who can commit a (once-off) 15-20 hours, in exchange for fair compensation for your time, within the next month or so. 

The project includes:

  • Characterizing a narrow research area and its relevance to global priorities
  • Identifying and contextualizing high-value research for Unjournal evaluation 
  • Focusing on a small set of papers in this narrow area, providing a detailed review, and identifying potential evaluators and key areas for evaluation 
  • Potentially: corresponding with authors and evaluators

We are likely to follow up on your evaluation suggestions. We also may incorporate your writing into our web page and public posts; you can choose whether you want to be publicly acknowledged or remain anonymous.

We will compensate you for your time at a rate reflecting your experience and skills (likely $25–$65/hour). This work also has the potential to serve as a “work sample” for future roles at The Unjournal, as it is highly representative of what our  “field specialists” and “evaluation managers” are commissioned to do.


Independent Projects (IP)

We also invite applications for Independent Projects, a parallel opportunity designed for those eager to engage but not interested in working under a contract, or not quite meeting the criteria for the Contracted Research role. If you are accepted to do an IP, we will offer some mentoring and feedback. We will also offer prize rewards/bounties for particularly strong IP work (we will also consider working with professors and academic supervisors on these IP projects, as part of university assignments and dissertations).

You can apply to the FS and IP positions together (fill out our survey form); we will automatically consider you for each.   


Get Involved

Interested? Fill out our survey form to express your interest in either of the above opportunities. We look forward to your contributions to impactful research! 🌍🔬





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