Which piece got you more involved in EA?

by Maxdalton 6th Sep 201821 comments


The EA Forum team is currently thinking about what core content we'd like most new effective altruists to engage with. As a consequence, we're particularly interested in what caused beta users to engage more with effective altruism.

The piece of writing that feels most significant to me is Nate Soares "The value of a life". Whilst it touches on the technical point of the distinction between value and cost, I also found it very motivating.

This wasn't the piece that got me involved in EA - that was mostly personal conversations.

I'd be interested to hear which pieces were important to other people. Pieces which I've seen mentioned frequently:

- Peter Singer's The Drowning Child and the Expanding Moral Circle

- Nate's On caring

- Eliezer Yudkowsky's Feeling Moral and Scope Insensitivity

I'd also be interested in links to other places that this has been discussed.