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Seems like there are quite a lot of wins to celebrate recently and I think it would be helpful for us to do so.

Thanks to everyone who helped in these.




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[Kinda self-promotion, and upstream of making the world better but whatever]

A full retrospective and video is coming soon, but EAGxPhilippines was a huge success. The event received the highest "likelihood to recommend" score of the year (9.3/10), the highest ever number of new connections per attendee (14.7, EAG Boston got 9.27) and the highest ever "welcomingness" score (4.74/5). 

This is super impressive for a first-time event in a new (up and coming!) location and I'm really grateful to everyone who helped make it happen. I'm particularly excited about events which help increase the global reach of EA ideas and make the community more diverse and inclusive.

Thanks to all who ran it!

Rates of HIV seem to be falling (related, on PEPFAR):

(It seems there are also signs that dementia rates are falling.)

Can Biden's executive order be considered a win?

Too early to say I guess, but I sense on expectation by the opinions of many I trust 60% yes??

For those, like me, who didn't know New Incentives is a cash transfer scheme that pays out if people vaccinate their kids.

I think this is a win:

UPDATE 2023/09/13: 

Including only money that has already landed in our bank account and extremely credible donor promises of funding, LTFF has raised ~1.1M and EAIF has raised ~500K. After Open Phil matching, this means LTFF now has ~3.3M additional funding and EAIF has ~1.5m in additional funding.


From my (Linch)'s perspective, this means both LTFF nor EAIF are no longer very funding constrained for the time period we wanted to raise money for (the next ~6 months), however both funds are still funding constrained and can productively make good grants with additional funding.


Someone came up to me today to tell me that Ozy's post on vegan nutrition, which was heavily inspired by my work on vegan nutrition, inspired them to take B12. 

I'm curious about B12 supplements - I currently take a multivitamin which has 50µg B12, my partner takes a multivitamin with 10µg B12. Should we be taking additional B12 tablets on top of this? (We're both vegan)

I saw in that post a recommendation for 100µg tablets, but google says the RDA is 2.4µg, do you know why there's this gap?

Thanks for writing it!

I thought Sunak's speech was pretty good. It seemed to understand the issues around AI risk and by mentioning growth as well it was trying to engage with the full spread of arguments rather than just being one-sided.

I know people who have been working around this and it looks better than I expected. So props!

text: https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/prime-ministers-speech-on-ai-26-october-2023


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