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As a resource for readers of the EA Newsletter, I've created a list of other email newsletters that cover similar content (and have a perspective that is at least adjacent to common EA perspectives, even if they aren't explicitly focused on effective altruism).

If you know of a good newsletter I've missed, please add it in the comments!

(I've lightly edited my original list to incorporate suggestions from the comments.)

Global health and development

Jeff Mosenkis (Innovations for Poverty Action) collects a weekly set of links and publishes them on the blog of development scholar Chris Blattman (subscribe here). These cover everything from experimental data to amusing anecdotes about the lives of researchers.

MIT’s Poverty Action Lab sends out several newsletters that cover research findings and lessons on applying them to government policy.

The World Bank offers many different newsletters. Readers of the EA Newsletter might be especially interested in “Development Research” and “Development Impact Evaluation News”.

The Life You Can Save has a monthly newsletter focused on the work of their recommended global development charities, with an emphasis on stories about the people who carry out that work.

Animal welfare

The Farm Animal Welfare Newsletter (written by Lewis Bollard, a program officer at the Open Philanthropy Project) covers topics related to reducing the suffering of farmed animals: regulation, meat substitutes, cage-free pledges, and more.

But Can They Suffer is a monthly newsletter about effective animal advocacy in all its forms — research findings, recent news, job openings, and upcoming events. You can view the last three issues here.

The Good Food Institute Newsletter covers news and career opportunities related to cultivated meat and other meat alternatives.

AI alignment and/or capabilities

The Alignment Newsletter (written by a team of researchers and practicing programmers) covers recent work on AI alignment, including original analysis and criticism.

ChinAI (written by Jeff Ding, a researcher at the Future of Humanity Institute) covers the AI landscape in China by translating content from government agencies, newspapers, corporations, and other sources.

Import AI (written by Jack Clark, the Director of Strategy and Communications at OpenAI) covers many facets of the subject, from technical progress to policy debates ⁠— plus, a weekly short story.

Other topics

The Forecasting Newsletter features news and interesting questions related to forecasting and prediction platforms.

Meta (the EA movement, EA philosophy, etc.)

The EA London Newsletter isn’t just for Londoners; it also includes news and articles related to various EA cause areas. Here’s an example.

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