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As a resource for readers of the EA Newsletter, I've created a list of other email newsletters that cover similar content (and have a perspective that is at least adjacent to common EA perspectives, even if they aren't explicitly focused on effective altruism).

If you know of a good newsletter I've missed, please add it in the comments!

(I've lightly edited my original list to incorporate suggestions from the comments.)

Global health and development

Jeff Mosenkis (Innovations for Poverty Action) collects a weekly set of links and publishes them on the blog of development scholar Chris Blattman (subscribe here). These cover everything from experimental data to amusing anecdotes about the lives of researchers.

MIT’s Poverty Action Lab sends out several newsletters that cover research findings and lessons on applying them to government policy.

The World Bank offers many different newsletters. Readers of the EA Newsletter might be especially interested in “Development Research” and “Development Impact Evaluation News”.

The Life You Can Save has a monthly newsletter focused on the work of their recommended global development charities, with an emphasis on stories about the people who carry out that work.

Animal welfare

The Farm Animal Welfare Newsletter (written by Lewis Bollard, a program officer at the Open Philanthropy Project) covers topics related to reducing the suffering of farmed animals: regulation, meat substitutes, cage-free pledges, and more.

But Can They Suffer is a monthly newsletter about effective animal advocacy in all its forms — research findings, recent news, job openings, and upcoming events. You can view the last three issues here.

The Good Food Institute Newsletter covers news and career opportunities related to cultivated meat and other meat alternatives.

AI alignment and/or capabilities

The Alignment Newsletter (written by a team of researchers and practicing programmers) covers recent work on AI alignment, including original analysis and criticism.

ChinAI (written by Jeff Ding, a researcher at the Future of Humanity Institute) covers the AI landscape in China by translating content from government agencies, newspapers, corporations, and other sources.

Import AI (written by Jack Clark, the Director of Strategy and Communications at OpenAI) covers many facets of the subject, from technical progress to policy debates ⁠— plus, a weekly short story.

Other topics

The Forecasting Newsletter features news and interesting questions related to forecasting and prediction platforms.

Meta (the EA movement, EA philosophy, etc.)

The EA London Newsletter isn’t just for Londoners; it also includes news and articles related to various EA cause areas. Here’s an example.

Every 1-2 weeks, the folks behind the EA Opportunity Board Newsletter send out a list of new and relevant opportunities for early-career professionals interested in effective altruism and having an impact more generally.




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I don't have a complete list, but here are quite a few of the organisations that I subscribe to for updates.

Long Term Future

Global Priorities Institute

Existential Risk

Future of Life Institute

Future of Humanity Institute

Centre for the Study of Existential Risk

Global Catastrophic Risk Institute

Artificial Intelligence

Center for Security and Emerging Technology

Oxford Internet Institute


Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence

Google AI


Alan Turing Institute

Animal Welfare

Cellular Agriculture UK


Animal Charity Evaluators

Good Food Institute

Animal Advocacy Careers

Sentience Institute

The Humane League

Farm Animal Welfare Newsletter from OPP

Animal Ethics

Wild Animal Institute

But Can They Suffer

Global Development

The Life You Can Save

Devex International Development


Centre for Global Development



Global Innovation Fund

Wellcome Trust (also improving institutions)

International Initiative for Impact Evaluation


Innovations for Poverty Action

Fortify Health

Copenhagen Consensus Centre

Charity Science Health

Gates Foundation

Schistosomiasis Control Initiative

Overseas Development Institute

Development Media International

Against Malaria Foundation

Malaria Consortium

Evidence Action

Happier Lives Institute

Improving Institutions

Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy

Campbell Collaboration

Centre for Excellence in Development and Learning

Our World in Data

Centre for Open Science

To Be Decided

UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose

Effective Altruism

Effective Altruism Newsletter (by CEA, EA Hub and Rethink Charity)

Future Perfect

Charity Entrepreneurship

80,000 Hours

80k Supporters Updates

Centre for Effective Altruism

Open Philanthropy Project

Rethink Priorities

EA Groups Newsletter


The Center for Effective Philanthropy

Founders Pledge

Non Profit Chronicles

General Interest

Clearer Thinking


Matt’s Thoughts In Between - Founder of Entrepeneur First

Some near-EA newsletters:

  • The EuropeanAI newsletter with subscription here. Each post it targets one European country with it's AI strategy.
  • Gwern.net has a newsletter with some of Gwern's writing and other curated materials.
  • Palladium Magazine "explores the future of governance and society through political theory, analysis, and investigative journalism".
  • The Good Food Institute also has a nice newsletter
  • RationalNewsletter - "Weekly recap of the best articles from the rationalist community of LessWrong, Slate Star Codex, Ribbonfarm and more".
  • 80k also has a newsletter, but for some reason I was not subscribed to. Fixed :)

Thanks for this! RationalNewsletter is the only rationality-related newsletter I could find.

For animal welfare, I also recommend But Can They Suffer newsletter It's a monthly newsletter that contains links to new research and effective animal advocacy content, news and updates, job openings, upcoming events and conferences. The last three newsletters can be seen here.

Nick Bostrom has now a newsletter for "rare" updates.

The Life You Can Save's newsletter would be good for the Global Health and Development section

The Long-termist's Field Guide,  newsletter from BBC journalist Richard Fisher.

I would add Future Perfect, and Policy.AI (CSET's new AI policy newsletter)

New newsletter: Effective Altruism Asia.

(H/T David Nash)

A new newsletter of potential interest: Reasonable People, by cognitive scientist Tom Stafford.

The plan is to collect in one place things I write on human rationality, reason and persuasion, sharing links and evidence on these topics as I try and understand advertising, bias, misinformation, influence and decision making.

For global health, don't forget Givewell's newsletter!

For meta, CharityEntrepreneurship has one as well (scroll to the middle of the page for the newsletter)

The Anti-Apocalyptus Newsletter:

Each week I send you five links about some of the most important challenges of our time such as climate change, weapons of mass destruction, emerging technologies, mass causes of death and great power wars.

Hi Aaron! Is this still active? If so, would you consider adding the EA Opportunity Board Newsletter as well? Every 1-2 weeks, we send out a list of new and relevant opportunities for early-career professionals interested in effective altruism and having an impact more generally.

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