Sam Robinson

Contractor for CEA Groups Team and University Group Organiser.
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I currently contract with CEA University Groups Team having interned with them over the summer. I have run the EA St Andrews groups for ~2 years. 


If you haven't had 80k advising before, that could be a great place to start! 

Hi Eirine, thank you for this! We've updated the link in this post; however, we cannot seem to find the second URL. If you let us know where that link was located it can amended asap! Thank you again for flagging. 

EAs inflect upwards with their intonation. I think this is used to signal uncertainty and epistemic humility. However, it's often excessive and highly noticeable to non-EAs; I saw my family for the first time in six weeks, having been in Trajan during this period, and they highlighted this change in my voice (with much mockery). I thought it might be worth noting for those that aren't aware : )  

Hi there, is there a syllabus for this available?

Hi Karl, just wanted to say that impact aside, I really ENJOYED reading this. Thanks for writing! 

Do you have any suggestions or takes about ways to move towards the sketches for EA integration for points 1 and 4?