You might have noticed that the EA Forum has gotten more engagement recently:

A sudden 10x increase engagement would be a strain under the best of circumstances, but the moderation load has been even more than the increased engagement would imply, because recent topics of conversation have been unusually heated and targeted by spam, trolls, etc.

Thank you to Lorenzo Buonanno and Ryan Fugate, who joined the moderation team a few weeks ago without expecting this, but have hugely stepped up; Amber Dawn, who has tirelessly flagged trolls, spam, and tagged posts; our long time moderators Edo Arad and Julia Wise and moderation advisor Aaron Gertler, who have taken substantial time out from their extremely busy other jobs to help; and of course Lizka Vaintrob for being the non-technical Forum lead.

(For those who don’t know me: I manage CEA’s Online team, which includes the EA Forum.)


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Thanks also to our users!

This is a tense time, but you stayed open and curious, and you didn't bite the newcomers. I'm relieved to see that even extreme disasters don't decimate our discourse.

Yes, thank you all so much!

Thanks everyone! I didn't realise the spike in traffic was so significant.

Thank you, moderators! I didn't notice any trolls or spam, which I guess is evidence of your good work. :-)

Thank you, moderators! Even just keeping Edo's trolling under control, that can't be easy!

Thank you, mods. You folks are doing a great job!

Good job Moderators! 

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