Effective Altruism movement in LMIC and Africa

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Hello all, i am just curious and wanting to have feedback from EA community on how group organizer from LMIC and Africa can tailor effective altruism movement in their regions and have the most impact from doing so and move forward the effective altruism movement in their region. what should we be focusing on? are we going to focus on

1. Promoting effective giving

2. higher impact career

3. Research

4. community building and advancement of education through online and in-person event

5. Raising the profile of EA cause area or promotion and improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of charity locally. and many more things e.t.c. feel free to add.

which one do you think? and what are your reason, does any evidences or research exist on how EA should be developed and approached in LMIC and Africa?. i am hoping the respondent should consider "LMIC" word and should have some evidences or what exist when referencing, new ideas are also welcome. I am open to discussion ideas. thanks

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LMIC - low and middle-income countries.

Good question. I recommend reading "Poor Economics" for a background on these questions.

Not a full response, but two points.

1. Giving has less impact - as an LMIC resident you probably have less money so giving directly has lower impact. Also you can buy goods at that price anyway.

2. Improving policy has more impact - You can influence your government in ways that rich countries cannot. You likely also have access to more parts of your own society to study different perspectives. Poor Economics discusses tools for changing policy in LMIC's better than I can.

Thanks Timothy_Liptrot for the points and the docs, your input are noted and will going help us in our decision. thanks