Biosecurity & pandemic preparedness

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Is there a safe way to ask dumb or potentially infohazardous questions? If you're not an expert in a field and are unsure whether your question could be hazardous or not, where do you go?   Perhaps I am being too security minded, but I feel like typing questions into a search engine or chatbot or publicly posting does not always seem like a good idea. I often sit on questions or ideas related to potential threats. I have no idea whether or not my questions/ thoughts are really dumb or whether some might be useful to existing efforts. I wonder if others experience this as well. Some of my thoughts or questions have been in relation to AI, supply chains, computer science, energy utilization, infrastructure (by location and by industry), intersectional risk (e.g. climate, nuclear, +), blockchain, telecommunication, hardware, natural resources, security (infosecurity, cybersecurity, hardware security, etc.), electronics (big and small), public messaging/communication/PR. I would really appreciate advice. If others have similar concerns, please upvote or pipe in, as it's possible that this is a problem that gets in the way with working on important problems and potentially could be turned into an opportunity.

This area of work focuses on managing biological risks and preparing humanity for possible future pandemics.