The Best of EA in 2016: Nomination Thread



Basic Idea

The CEA team is thinking of creating a list of the best content from the Effective Altruism community during 2016. This would be distributed on and potentially in the EA Newsletter and elsewhere.

The goals of the project would be to:

  1. Help busy people stay up-to-date with the best content from the community;
  2. give some additional recognition to EAs that work hard to produce excellent content.

We'll figure out some method of choosing the winning content and will distribute it in December.

The goal of this thread is to get a sense of how valuable people think this project would be and to solicit nominations for some of the best content of the year.

What we're looking for in a nomination

We're looking for the best content from around EA. The term "content" is intentionally vague since we're interested in forum posts, personal blog posts, blog posts from EA organizations, podcasts, videos, even particularly good posts on social media. If it made you think or changed your mind then it's likely something worth nominating.

We're mostly interested in content from the "EA community" broadly conceived, but it may make sense to include content that is relevant to the EA community but produced elsewhere. So, feel free to nominate any content that you think is especially good.

Some prompts to help 

Below are some prompts you might use to help remember some of your favorite content.

  • What was the most important thing you changed your mind about this year? What made you change your mind?
  • What was the most surprising thing you learned this year?
  • What was the best content you read about in some of the major cause areas (e.g. global poverty, animal welfare, far future, EA community building, Cause X, bio security, open borders and others)?
  • What was the best post from the blog of an EA organization?
  • What was the best post from someone's personal blog?

What we need from you

  • Please upvote this post if you think this is a worthwhile project (the response we get here will, in part, determine how much time we spend on this).
  • Please post a link to your favorite content and, if you have time, a quick explanation of why you liked it. (Please post a single article per post so that we can get up/downvoting data on each article).
  • Please upvote posts you also found impactful.