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 Are OP staff planning to make any comments about grants they would counterfactually have recommended to GV, without this policy change?

 My guess is that myself and other donors would potentially be interested in funding these.

Thanks for doing this research!

Provide feedback whenever possible, particularly if a candidate has gone through multiple interviews and/or work tests.

I expect that a major reason employers don't like doing this is because hiring is a very imperfect science. Even the best hiring processes regularly result in rejecting qualified applicants for pretty stupid reasons.

I'm curious if you had any interviewees who received feedback that they thought was dumb and how it influenced their perception of the employer? I have a vague sense that people do actually feel better after having been informed that they were rejected for an arbitrary/ stupid reason, but I'm not sure if this is actually true.

I'm very excited about this work, congratulations on the launch!

Thanks for writing this up Bob! And congratulations again to everyone who worked on this.

 I would be interested to understand logistically how this happened. Who worked on it? What roles did they play? Were there political champions or was this mostly driven by grassroots support?  How much lobbying was done of the different parties and what form did that lobbying take?

Wow, that's amazing. Congratulations everyone who worked on this!

Congratulations everyone who worked on this! This kind of behind-the-scenes operational work is extremely thankless, and one small silver lining to this investigation is some public recognition of the work that's been done.

I personally was expecting the charity commission to just give a bland statement like "we didn't find anything actionable, closing the investigation." Them actively complimenting EV reads (to my amateur eyes) like EV staff went above and beyond.

Thanks for doing this! This is one of those ideas that I've heard discussed for a while but nobody was willing to go through the pain of actually making the site; kudos for doing so.

I don't think they say, unfortunately.

First in-ovo sexing in the US

Egg Innovations announced that they are "on track to adopt the technology in early 2025." Approximately 300 million male chicks are ground up alive in the US each year (since only female chicks are valuable) and in-ovo sexing would prevent this. 

UEP originally promised to eliminate male chick culling by 2020; needless to say, they didn't keep that commitment. But better late than never! 

Congrats to everyone working on this, including @Robert - Innovate Animal Ag, who founded an organization devoted to pushing this technology.[1]

  1. ^

    Egg Innovations says they can't disclose details about who they are working with for NDA reasons; if anyone has more information about who deserves credit for this, please comment!

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