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Hiya! I work on data stuff at CEA. I used to be the content lead on the EA Global team at CEA, and before that I did economic consulting. Here's an old website I might update at some point.

Think I'm making a mistake? Want to give me feedback? Here's my admonymous. You can also give feedback for me directly to my manager, Oscar Howie.


We will also happily advertise any open positions here to our staff.

Super late reply, but this felt unusually generous / collaborative — this sort of alliance mentality is one of the things I like most about EA (the fact that we are broadly speaking on the same team, and that getting good things done is more important than WHO gets to do the good <3 )

The upshot: I have no idea whether there are good ways of spending an additional $100M on animals right now.

I haven't read this in a ton of detail, but I liked this post from last year trying to answer this exact question (what are potentially effective ways to deploy >$10M in projects for animals).

I donated a significant part of my personal runway to help fund a new animal welfare org, which I think counterfactually might not have gotten started if not for this.

<3 This is super awesome / inspirational, and I admire you for doing this!

Thanks for your thoughtful feedback on this! I really appreciate it.

I might not have time to respond in depth here, but will come back to this if/when we pick this project back up again.

Thanks for the nudge! By the way, we've now created a process for users to request access to our data — more details here.

PSA: Based on requests from users (e.g. this), we’ve added a link to a data access request form to the public CEA dashboard (which we update every month).

The form is meant to be a lightweight way for us to understand who is interested in exploring our data further, and we expect to approve almost all requests.

As always, feedback is welcome!

P.S. if others are interested, you could read about different types of evidence the Rethink Priorities team looks at when thinking about invertebrate sentience (I found this interesting to skim).

I think it can create bad vibes for the highest voted comment on a post about promoting diversity to be critical

+1, I appreciate you for upvoting the parent comment and then leaving this reply :)

(Edit: for what it's worth, I am also excited Athena is happening)

This is still genuinely one of my favorite pieces about effective giving, and re-reading it brings me back to the core of why all of this matters <3

I want people to be safe in the world from biting mosquitoes. I don't want them getting hurt, and especially I don't want the kids like me to die.

Hugs! <3 This makes me tear up every time!

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