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I searched for other lists of biosecurity newsletters specifically and didn’t find one that suited my needs, so I made one! Please leave a comment with any other newsletters that I missed so that I can add them.  I hope you find something useful in this list. 
[Edit: Added the recommendations from the comments]


  1. Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (CHS) → subscribe here
  2. Health Security Headlines (also from CHS) → subscribe here 
  3. Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) → subscribe here
  4. Global Biodefence → subscribe here
  5. Pandora Report → subscribe here
  6. Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) → subscribe here
  7. Bipartisan Commission on Biodefence → subscribe here
  8. The Association for Biosafety and Biosecurity (ABSA)→ subscribe here (scroll to the bottom)
  9. Council on Strategic Risks (CSR) → subscribe here
  10. Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) → subscribe here
  11. Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR)→ do not recommend subscribing as it is very narrowly biosafety oriented and is sometimes poorly referenced.
  12. CBW Events (daily reports from Bioweapons Convention meetings) → subscribe here 
  13. The Century of Biology
  14. Codon
  15. SynBioBeta (@Tessa usually skims this one)
  16.  Force of Infection (@Tessa has recently been skimming this one)
  17. Something in the air 
  18. A list of biosecurity policy recourses is here


I sourced a lot of these from recommendations by Caitlin Walker, as well as from looking through various posts by Chris Bakerlee and Tessa Alexanian. Please don’t hesitate to point out any links that are broken, comment about the relative quality of the above newsletters, or comment with any newsletters that I have missed. Thank you!

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A new biosecurity-relevant newsletter (which me and Anemone put together) is GCBR Organization Updates. Every few months, we’ll ask organizations who are doing impactful work to reduce GCBRs to share their current projects, recent publications, and any opportunities for collaboration.

A few I'd add:

  • CBW Events (daily reports from Bioweapons Convention meetings) → subscribe here
  • You might also find it useful to keep up with developments in biotechnology, for which I'd point you at:
  • There are a lot number of interesting public health and epidemiology newsletters as well; I don't feel like I have an amazing recommendation here, though I've recently been skimming Force of Infection

Awesome thanks I will add them!

A few more you might share:

Thanks for sharing! For anyone wondering how to subscribe to newsletters without filling your email inbox, you can do the following:

  • use Gmails filter function "skip the inbox" , and filter into newsletter folder

  • use killthenewsletter to turn newsletters into an rss feed, and use and rss feed to keep track of things you're interested in reading about

Thank you for this really helpful tip!

Just wanted to say thank you for going to the effort of compiling this. I have now subscribed to a bunch and created an email filter!

Of course! Happy to help :) 

Thanks for sharing! If I were only interested in subscribing to 1-4, which would you recommend?

That depends on your primary interest in biosecurity. If it is more policy-oriented then maybe the Johns Hopkins or the BWC ones. If you are more interested in epidemiology then maybe the Pandora Report? If you are more interested in technological developments then newsletters 13-15 might be a better fit. These are just loose suggestions. 

For Podcasters, I really like the Hear this idea podcast :3

There are other lists of lists with podcasts so I wanted to keep it to just newsletters. However, I will definitely check out the podcast thank you!

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