Emma Richter, Communications Associate @ CEA
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I can’t say anything much beyond what’s already been said, but want to reiterate the deep gratitude for what you’ve done in this role. I have always felt heard and respected in conversations with you, even before working at CEA, and I appreciate how value-driven and kind you are in your work.

I really respect you making a choice that will be best for your health—while also making a choice on timing that will support the community’s health. Thank you for that thoughtfulness and all you’ve done for the community! Looking forward to seeing you around still.

 I appreciate this style of post! I'll also flag that the Global Priorities Insitute has an FAQ-style list of responses to questions about longtermism, some of which link to research papers and further reading for those interested.

Thank you Thomas! I'm quite a visual person, so it helped me to draw these as I was thinking about this essay. I hoped they'd be helpful for others as well, so very glad you like them! :)