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If you had an hour with a political leader, what would you focus on?

Hey Yitz, 

I’m part of CEA’s Community Health team, and we’re available as a resource for community members who want to consult with us on higher stakes communications (like interviews with journalists and introducing EA ideas to highly influential people), so we’re familiar with this sort of situation. 

From the information you shared, I find it hard to know what to suggest. It depends a lot on the specific situation, like the particular influential person, your relationship with them, your knowledge of the topic/policy, credibility you have on that topic/policy, the particular situation of the meeting. 

Since you say you’re a relative newcomer and not in the politics field, I’m guessing that it might not be a good idea to pitch policies to them in a short meeting. But I’d be happy to get more info from you and try to give a more thorough answer. I’ll message you directly! 

Education in Africa

I agree that sending kids to ineffective schools isn't an effective thing to do! I don't this this is what any EA organisations recommend though. While there have been some studies that suggest deworming improves school attendance, I understand that this is not commonly believed to be a big effect anymore. 

GiveWell recommends deworming charities because of evidence that deworming could have a positive impact on income in the long term. You can read more here - I think this is interesting reading because while GiveWell are pretty uncertain about the impact of deworming, they still think in expectation it is a highly cost effective thing to fund because it is just so cheap to deworm kids. 

[I'm not an expert in this at all - just a GiveWell fan, so someone else might be able to share more nuanced information].

My Job: EA Office Manager

I admit I was a bit sad when Jonathan took this role because I thought he'd do more good in Community Building (my field of work). "Surely an Office Manager couldn't be as impactful!" I bemoaned. But now that I've worked a while in Trajan house my eyes have been opened to the value of an outstanding office manager, and I've had to eat my words (and arrange to move to Oxford so I can work there permanently). So I think this role is surprisingly high value.

What are effective ways to help Ukrainians right now?

Kelsey Piper's most recent Future Perfect newsletter has outlined several donation opportunities that look great. 

What are effective ways to help Ukrainians right now?

Thanks Karolina! 
I talked with Karolina and chose to donate - it seems unclear how likely my donation will help (things are so uncertain in general!) but I know and trust Karolina's judgement and since very large donors might not be able to help with this, it seemed like a reasonable use of my small donation budget. 

Ukraine: How a regular person can effectively help their country during war?

Hey Valmothy. I don't know the answer to your question but if you or your friends or family are in Ukraine and need help getting out feel free to signal me on +64212129849. I can put you in touch with some folks who might be able to help (info, support if you cross into Poland, $).

What are effective ways to help Ukrainians right now?

EDIT- thanks everyone! My request is no longer needed. 

Since you are a group organiser you most certainly can get funding through CEA for all 23 books (for your own learning + I suspect you won't be able to help yourself lending them out to group members too!) - Happy to help!
- Catherine

Just a note for non-student groups especially! 
All groups are welcome to apply to CEA for funding for books:

You can either apply to get money to purchase and distribute books yourself, or you can use this team's book service and they can charge CEA for your books. 

Reach out to me with questions:

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