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I’ve been thinking hard about whether to publicly comment more on FTX in the near term. Much for the reasons Holden gives here, and for some of the reasons given here, I’ve decided against saying any more than I’ve already said for now.

I’m still in the process of understanding what happened,  and processing the new information that comes in every day. I'm also still working through my views on how I and the EA community could and should respond.

I know this might be dissatisfying, and I’m really sorry about that, but I think it’s the right call, and will ultimately lead to a better and more helpful response. 

It's not the paramount concern and I doubt you'd want it to be, but I have thought several times that this might be pretty hard for you. I hope you (and all of the Future Fund team and, honestly all of the FTX team) are personally well, with support from people who care about you. 

Do you plan to comment in a few weeks, a few months, or not planning to comment publicly? Or is that still to be determined?

Thanks for asking! Still not entirely determined - I’ve been planning some time off over the winter, so I’ll revisit this in the new year.