This page displays a list of articles in the EA Forum Wiki.

The articles are also tags that can be added to posts, so that people can find posts on certain topics. You can upvote or downvote a tag for a given post to move it higher or lower in the list of posts on the corresponding topic's page.

Tags (now more frequently known as "topics") were announced in this post. Discussions on proposals for new topics are found here. Tagging guidelines can be found here.

This page has two sections:

  • Wiki Articles - selected articles, sorted by the Forum’s moderators
  • Topics List - alphabetical list of all existing topics

More information on the Wiki:

  • The Wiki FAQ explains the basics, including how to structure an article.
  • The style guide explains our formatting conventions. But don’t worry too much about this if it would slow you down a lot — we’d rather have unformatted content than no content.
  • If you want to suggest a change to the article portal (e.g. a different sorting system, or a particular article that should be moved), send a message to Lizka.
    • Alternatively, you can leave your feedback as a comment on this post.

Wiki Articles

Cause Areas

Problems people work on, and concepts related to those problems.

Global health and development

Global Catastrophic Risk (other)

Animal welfare

Building effective altruism

Other causes

Global Catastrophic Risk (AI)

Other Concepts

Concepts that apply to multiple causes, or the entire project of trying to do more good.

Moral Philosophy

Long-term risks and flourishing

Decision Theory and Rationality

Economics and finance

Politics, Policy, and Culture

Effective Giving

Career choice



Charities and other organizations that work on popular EA cause areas, or otherwise have some connection to the movement.

Global health and development

Animal welfare

Artificial intelligence

Long-term risks / Flourishing

EA community / Fundraising

Highly ineffective charities

Other / Multiple areas


Notable figures associated with the EA community, or with popular ideas in the community.

Charity research 

Computer science

Politics and policy


EA community


Other sciences




Meta + Community

Posts about the EA community or the EA Forum, and posts with resources for people who want to do high-impact work. (This is a vague category, and we could see this table changing a lot.)

Effective Altruism Forum


Prizes and bounties




Effective altruism culture





Articles that don't fit into the above categories. (This section may change a lot in the future.)




Books and other media