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ALERT (the active longtermist emergency response team) is looking for a Director to lead the project.

The role is fully funded and we've organised fiscal sponsorship from a UK registered charity. We have a longlist of reservists and interest from people at Rethink Priorities, Our World in Data, Bluedot, ALLFED, and CEA.

Some good characteristics for the job:

  • Resilience. It's possible that your decisions will have major consequences, in a relatively short time.
  • Ability to function well in crisis situations. Our impression is that this is a relatively stable trait in people - if you repeatedly find yourself, for example, being the first one to stop at a car accident, or dealing with first aid or work emergencies, you're probably the right kind of person. If, on the other hand, you dread situations like this and hope someone else will respond, it's probably not the role for you.
  • Excellent operations skills.
  • Experience with either research or research management.

And responsibilities:

Building readiness

  • You’ll build teams specialising in biosecurity, AI, great power conflict, and Other. Each to share ops, comms, software, and data science support.
  • Track team skills, encourage training to fill gaps
  • Responsible for activating teams in response to early warnings
  • Maintain a register of the team’s wider network 
  • Liaise with related organisations 
  • Commission relevant forecasts 
  • Prepare annual horizon scanning report


  • Make the call to activate based on forecaster input
  • Co-organise an annual wargame for each team, likely in-person 
  • Collect status reports from reservists
  • Deploy discretionary budget towards reservists (e.g. researchers, forecasters, ops), contractors, project management / HR software, etc. as needed.


  • Leading ALERT strategy-setting, choice of triggers.


Apply here!

Is there a physical location or office? Whom does the role report to? What are example emergencies where reservists would be activated? What would they do when activated? Are there comparable orgs in other domains I should index to when thinking about ALERT? How many hours / week, roughly? What does it mean that the role would not be on duty most days? Is there an existing staff or would one need to be hired? When the National Guard is activated they are called away to a physical space to work with others, is it like that?

Great questions. Most of the below could be reshaped by the director:

  • No physical location - director has discretion. (One cool idea we had was to enlist existing teams at EA orgs, so that they're constantly building readiness and already colocated or functionally remote.)
  • Role reports to the board, currently Jan Kulveit, Vishal Maini, Ales Flidr and me but likely to need more.
  • Some unvetted examples we came up with: COVID in late December 2019; Russia-Ukraine (minor investigation from December 2021, expanding to active nuclear risk forecasting by end January); nuclear explosion of any kind; new large leaks of Snowden type; new physics apparently discovered; someone attempts climate engineering; global stilling; volcano acting weird; etc.
  • See what we did during covid: massive fast data collection, fast great research, visualisation, pro bono consulting, serving on government advisory boards, policy design, making up for inadequate institutions of all kinds, coordination, countering bullshit.  (This was all improvised; next time we'll do better.) 1DaySooner are a big inspiration too.
  • Comparable orgs are Epidemic Forecasting, RAMP, MeSES, ALLFED, the strategic side of FEMA. None have
... (read more)
3Alex D2mo
One cool idea would be embedding a physical EOC [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergency_operations_center] into refuges, and calling reservists in once some crisis threshold was crossed.
"New large leaks of the Snowden type." I agree that effective altruists should do more to encourage these.
5N N5d
Maybe they should, maybe the shouldn't, but I don't think Gavin was saying such things should be encouraged. I think he was saying that there should be some kind of response if such leaks happen.

More questions from offline:

How are reservists incentivized to prioritize ALERT over their other work when activated?

It's a good question. I doubt that binding contracts are the right way to do this. We will probably do peacetime stipends and emergency pay. But I suppose it's a matter of self-selection: we will be responding to the current most important thing in the world and, in this crowd, that should be enough.

After the director, what is the org most limited by?

Org strategy > org ops (existence, banking, authorisation, etc) > hiring > fundraising > wargame planning. Reservists and forecasters are fairly ready to go.

Also a question about seniority [https://twitter.com/ChrisPainterYup/status/1536504758755786757]: Pardon: asks that it not be your first rodeo, that you can handle founding (especially hiring and culture-setting). But we don't need VP or C-level.

Arb is a new research consultancy led by Misha Yagudin and Gavin Leech.

In our first 6 months we've worked on forecasting, vaccine strategy, AI risk, economics, cause prioritisation, grantmaking, and large-scale data collection. We're also working with Emergent Ventures and Schmidt Futures on their AI talent programme.

Consulting is reactive, but we have lots of ideas of our own which you can help shape.

We're looking for researchers with some background in ML, forecasting, technical writing, blogging, or some other hard thing. We only take work we think is important. Get in touch!

The Alignment of Complex Systems Group is a new lab hosted by Charles University Prague. They work on formal theories to help with neglected AGI scenarios.

They're looking for postdocs, predocs, fellows, technical writers, research engineers, and students at MSc or PhD level. Also, critically: a project manager with research experience. They are fully funded by the SFF among others. 

Apply here.

The principals, Jan and Tomáš, are two of my favourite researchers. This will be a wonderful place to learn an extremely important field, or to push it on.

Our World in Data publishes research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems.

Head of Product & Design

We are looking for a talented and experienced Head of Product & Design to join our leadership team. We believe that this role is the “missing pillar” in our team. You will lead and manage your own team and run the design process in the way you like. The huge impact of this role on our team and our work means that we are looking for someone experienced and very well aligned with our mission.

Open, rolling applications for any role

We’re always keen to hear from people passionate about our mission who want to help achieve it. Because of this, we've just added a new page dedicated to open, rolling applications for any role. No matter what your skills are, if you believe you can support our work, let us know!

We are particularly interested to hear from people who could contribute to our data management and research work on demography and public health.

Legal Impact for Chickens is a litigation nonprofit. Our goal is to make factory-farm cruelty a liability. And we're hiring a litigation attorney

I'm looking for a cofounder / ML researcher / ML engineer for a new FTX-funded project related to prediction markets and large language models!

The long term vision is to improve our decision making as a humanity. We aim to do that by improving how prediction markets work by employing AI. See the full role description: https://bit.ly/3zg5UFm

Little bit about me.

LEEP is working to prevent childhood lead poisoning, worldwide. We’re hiring for multiple roles, and are going to be scaling fast over the next few years! We’re looking for dynamic, high initiative team members to help roll out our intervention in new countries, and help solve this problem.

We currently have open applications for the positions of: 
Head of Operations (application link here)
Programs Managers (multiple positions available, application link here

If you’re interested in learning more about either of these positions, or about LEEP you can find more information here!

Who are these positions for?

If you want to have a large, direct impact, have an EA mindset, and are excited about being involved in a fast moving, fast growing NGO/start-up, you’d be a great fit! We’re particularly looking for people who are resourceful, high-initiative and open to tackling a variety of tasks!

Apply here

CEEALAR (aka the EA Hotel) is hiring for a full-time Operations Manager

Location: Blackpool, UK. To start mid-late July. Deadline to apply is July 1st (end of the day in your own timezone).

We are looking for someone dynamic to immediately take on the challenge of maintaining our operations.


  • Ensuring the hotel is a welcoming, safe and comfortable environment
  • Monitoring and recording building maintenance
  • Calling and overseeing contractors and inspecting completed jobs for repairs and improvements (or doing them yourself when possible)
  • Overseeing safety systems (fire safety, first aid procedures, etc.) and ensuring adherence to all regulations
  • Team building and presenting the place to new guests
  • Vegan cooking (twice a week on average)
  • Working with the other managers to ensure that all tasks have someone taking responsibility for them, and none fall between the cracks
  • Covering holidays for other staff (food/inventory management, email/mail management), and ensuring your own holidays are covered
  • Ad hoc tasks as required (can be outsourced). This is an unusual role with a lot of facets, so prioritising among and figuring out how to do many tasks that aren’t on this list will be a big part of it.

More info here.

GiveWell is hiring for several open research positions—links below. Additionally, we'll be opening up new positions on our outreach (fundraising/development) team within the next couple of weeks. Check back on our jobs page for details on those positions when published.

  • We're looking for a Senior Program Associate to work on our core interventions team, evaluating the case for grants and explaining that case to others. The deadline to apply for this role is this Monday, June 6.
  • Senior Researchers are responsible for finding, researching, and ultimately recommending high-impact giving opportunities.
  • Content Editors help produce clear, informative, and well-supported public written materials.

Following up on the above—the new outreach job descriptions have been published:

Update/additional opening! GiveWell is also hiring a Grants Coordinator, a new role that will ensure our grantmaking remains efficient and user-friendly as the number, size, and complexity of our grants grow. In this position, you'll steward grants, beginning with our decision to recommend funding and continuing through follow-up with grantees. You'll manage the processes of getting approved funding disbursed, publishing pages about our grants, and tracking and updating internal grant-related information. Apply by July 17 to be considered.

Interested and posting so I'll receive notifications if there's any change here - not available for work until January though, so I'll be reaching out later :) 

Thanks, Brennan - we may also post our open listings again in future "Who's hiring?" threads, and presumably there will be another one started up in October.

CEA Online (the team which runs this Forum, in addition to Virtual Programs and effectivealtruism.org) is hiring:

We’re looking for new team members at Charity Entrepreneurship. We’ve recently made a video asking our colleagues about what it’s like to be part of CE, so hopefully, you will check it out and like the vibe and the values we share.

We have now open ongoing applications for the positions of: 

With the Research Analyst role, you will conduct shallow and in-depth research into promising ideas to find the best charity interventions to found.

As a Foundation Program Lead, you will manage and implement our newest program and help the new grantmaking foundations set up and find the best directions to fill the gaps in the philanthropic ecosystem. 

What do we offer?

  • Other than a huge tangible impact on the world? You’ll be learning new skills on the job (so apply even if you don’t check all the boxes) and getting into an informal and supportive work environment.
  • We can promise low bureaucracy, flat hierarchies, and authentic start-up culture.
  • We’re a bunch of dedicated EAs and have a great community of nonprofit entrepreneurs around, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn, grow and connect with talented people. 

Who is the job for?

  • Join us if you’re driven by impact and excited to work across cause areas (especially global health and development, animal advocacy, mental health, EA meta, or health security/biosecurity).
  • We highly value conscientiousness, evidence-based decision-making, and people who are open to quickly learning new skills. 

If you are excited about working with Charity Entrepreneurship but are uncertain whether you are qualified enough for this role, please do apply nonetheless: we care deeply about mindset and value-alignment with our approach and are skilled at finding people with high potential whose growth we are happy to facilitate. Don’t hesitate to make the content of your CV for CE a little unconventional (e.g. mention personal projects, courses, and experiences that are not strictly professional) if that better demonstrates that you can do what we need and are aligned with our values and approach.

Interested and posting so I'll receive notifications of any change to the post :) 
But not available for work until January

Anima International is hiring for two positions in its UK branch (Open Cages) as its 2nd and 3rd employees - links below. For more information on the recruitment and open positions read this blog post.

We are looking for:

  • Campaign Manager to help us scale up our efforts to end the intensive farming of broiler chickens.
  • Supporter Manager to help ensure Open Cages has the resources and supporter base needed to win campaigns.

Additionally, we are going to open 4 international positions (for our movement building and global multimedia teams) later this year. Those positions will be listed on our Jobs page.

I recommend working for this organization, as an employed person I admire Anima International how it is able to build a culture, solve problems to work most effectively for animals. Above that, you can learn a lot from people from other countries and learn about their culture and scope of activities, the fact that we operate in many countries allows us to open up to a broader perspective of activities for animals.

Fortify Health is an NGO working in India to reduce anaemia at scale by fortifying wheat flour with iron, folic acid and vitamin B12. We've recently received our third GiveWell incubation grant ($8.2 million) and we're now hiring for highly impactful roles. If you're interested in helping the organisation scale and potentially work toward becoming one of the top charities, apply now:
1) Chief Strategy Officer (deadline: June 6, 2022) - UK or India
2) Director of Government Relations (deadline: June 17, 2022) - India
3) Director of Research, Monitoring and Evaluation (deadline: June 6, 2022) - India

Founders Pledge is hiring an Applied Researcher to work with our climate lead evaluating funding opportunities, finding new areas to research within climate, evaluating different theories of change, and granting from FP's Climate Fund.

We're open to multiple levels of seniority, from junior researchers all the way up to experienced climate grantmakers. Experience in climate and a familiarity with energy systems is a big plus, but not 100% necessary.

Our job listing is here. Please note that the first round consists of a resume screen and a preliminary task. If the task looks doable to you, I strongly encourage you to complete and submit it along with your resume, no matter what doubts you may have about the applicability of your past experience.

Feel free to message me here with any questions.

Open Philanthropy is hiring for roles on two crucial operations teams!

Recruiters/Senior Recruiters and Recruiting Coordinators  
We're looking for additional recruiting staff to help us reach our ambitious growth targets while improving how we hire. You could be well suited for the team if you like building new connections and think you can represent Open Phil positively and accurately to people from a wide range of backgrounds.

Finance Operations Assistant/Associate
As the second member of our internal Finance team, you'd work closely with our Finance Lead and the Director of Grants Management to make our financial operations as efficient as possible. This role could be a great fit for someone who enjoys seeking out opportunities for process improvement and helping other people get their work done.

In all roles, we're looking for someone organized, attentive to detail, and excited about our mission. No past experience in finance or recruiting is required (though it is a plus)!

Anthropic is hiring for 10+ roles, including several operations roles: biz ops, executive assistant, ops generalist, and a recruiting coordinator.

Hey, consider using buzzwords such as "software" and "data" in case candidates run a search on comments here instead of reading all the comments one by one

ESPR runs applied rationality camps for high school and undergraduate students and has a growing alumni community.

(Junior) Operations Manager

We are looking for someone who can help us support the organization throughout the year. This concludes communications, supporting applications process, handling finances and legal matters, pre-logistics of events, and a variety of other tasks. 

This could be an excellent part-time (0.3 - 1 FTE) opportunity for those who'd like to gain more operations skills and gradually gain more responsibility. 

You could work from anywhere in the world and could join us for our events in Europe.

Event & Logistics Manager (Seasonal)

We're looking for people who can help us run (and support from the background) in-person events in Europe. 

If you have experience with running in-person events, are attentive to detail, and would enjoy working even with your hands and muscles to create the best environment and atmosphere for an event, we'd love to hear from you. 

We run multiple events per year and need an excellent logistics team for each of them.

If you're interested in either of these roles, please fill in this form or email anna@espr-camp.org.

Founders Pledge is hiring!

  1. We're looking for a Applied Researcher (Climate) based in the UK, Europe or US (East Coast preferred)! This is a mostly remote role (although we do get the team together once per year for a week of collaboration and socialising)!
  2. We're also looking for a Programmes Curator to build content for a programme of exceptional, educational global events. Based in either San Francisco or London.

Please reach out to me at sally@founderspledge.com, if you'd like to hear more!

Apply to join the EAGxIndia 2023, the Future Forum and the EAGxBerkeley 2023 teams. The application takes 15 minutes and the deadline is Tuesday May 31st at 11:59pm Pacific Time. We are also seeking (separate application) volunteers to run EAGxSingapore 2022.  Read more.

These roles are a great fit for someone who:

  • Wants to test their fit for event management, operations and community building
  • Depending on team structure:
    • Has the capacity to take on 5-10 hours of flexible work per week leading up to the conference
    • Is able to work full- or near-fulltime 2 weeks before the conference
  • Could be good fits for any of the following (specific needs will vary based on the location)
    • Strategy (Goals, Metrics)
    • Project management (Budgeting, Team lead, Evaluation
    • Production (Venue, Catering, AV, Health & Safety)
    • Admissions (Application review, Stewardship)
    • Content (Speaker Selection & Liaison, Swapcard Manager)
    • Communications (Emails, Marketing, PR, Website)
  • Is organized, reliable, and handles crisis situations well


  • Pay: All positions are paid, exact compensation will vary by event. EAGx organizers are paid the standard CEA contractor rate, read more here.
  • Location
    • The EAGxBerkeley and India roles are mostly remote—you don’t have to be based in India or the Bay. You’ll likely be expected to attend 1-2 pre-event retreats and a requirement that all core team members are in-person at least 1 week before the event. All else equal we would prefer to have people in similar timezones for better coordination.
    • The Future Forum would prefer in-person roles, in June and July, based in the Bay Area. They can compensate some of the travel cost.
  • Team structure: Team structures are very flexible and depend on the applicants we get and their strengths.

David Krueger is looking for ML researchers in Cambridge! Post-doc roles available in AI Alignment and Deep Learning, with the goal of reducing AI-risk. Thanks!

Rethink Priorities is incubating a new organization–temporarily called the Insect Welfare Project–and we are looking for an Executive Director! This person will initially join us at Rethink Priorities while working to build the project into a successful independent organization.

This is a pivotal decade for the insect farming industry: consumer attitudes are in flux, regulations are being considered and written for the first time, and new factories are being designed and built. Now is the best time we might ever have to influence this sector and help animals farmed and harmed in the trillions.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, please apply by July 17, 2022. Otherwise, we greatly appreciate your help in sharing this open position with anyone in your network you think would be a good fit. Thanks!

The Happier Lives Institute (HLI) is hiring an Operations Manger.
(application deadline: June 6th)

HLI conducts research into the most cost-effective, evidence-based ways to increase happiness. We then share what we’ve found with donors and decision-makers so they can take action. 

Animal Ethics is looking to hire people from Asia and Africa.
"Are you concerned about the plight of domesticated and wild animals? Do you want to make a positive change for all sentient beings? So do we, and we are looking to make contact with people in Africa and Asia who are interested in working with us. We periodically have paid and volunteer positions. If you think you might be interested now or in the future, please get in touch. See more details at the bottom of this blog post or fill out our expression of interest form by August 15."

Credo AI is an AI governance company focused on the assessment and governance of AI systems. In addition to our Governance Platform, we develop Lens, an open-source assessment framework. Find a longer poster about the company here


We are expanding our data science team and hiring applied AI practitioners! If you believe you have the skills and passion for contributing to the nascent world of AI governance, we want to hear from you!

To help you figure out if that’s you, I’ll describe some of the near-term challenges we are facing:

  • How can general principles of Responsible AI be operationalized?
  • How can we programmatically assess AI systems for principles like fairness, transparency, etc?
  • How can we make those assessments understandable and actionable for a broad range of stakeholders?

And some characteristics we look for:

  • Have an “owner” mindset. This word gets tossed around a lot, but at a startup our size it truly is a requirement. The ground is fertile and we need people who have the vision and follow through to develop wonderful things.
  • Have an existing passion and knowledge in this space. You don’t have to have previously worked in “AI safety” or “responsible AI”, but this post shouldn’t be the first time you are thinking about these issues!
  • Technical skills and experience in data science, AI development, or similar fields. This is a senior position, so some work experience is needed.

Hiring process and details

Our hiring process starts with you reaching out. We are looking for anyone who read the above section and thinks “that’s me!”. If that’s you, send a message to me at ian@credo.ai. Please include “Effective Altruism Forum” in the subject line so I know where you heard of us. 

Ought is an applied machine learning lab, hiring for:

Our mission is to automate and scale open-ended reasoning. To that end, we’re building Elicit, the AI research assistant. Elicit's architecture is based on supervising reasoning processes, not outcomes. This is better for supporting open-ended reasoning in the short run and better for alignment in the long run.

Over the last year, we built Elicit to support broad reviews of empirical literature. The literature review workflow runs on general-purpose infrastructure for executing compositional language model processes. Going forward, we'll expand to deep literature reviews, then other research workflows, then general-purpose reasoning. (More here)

Hey! I'm very interested in a public AMA with Ought, if you'd open one. (Speaking for myself and at least 2 other EA developers that I can easily remember)

Asterisk is a new quarterly magazine/journal of ideas from in and around the EA community. For more about who we are and what we do, check out our forum post.  We're hiring for the following roles – you can apply for any of them except Managing Editor here

  • Managing Editor: Our first full-time hire. You can learn more about the role and apply via CEA.
  • Copy Editor(s):  We're looking for reliable, highly detail-oriented candidates with copy editing experience (work on a student publication is fine). This is a great position for people who want a flexible time commitment – involvement would range from a couple hours a week to between 10 and 30 hours in the weeks leading up to publication.
  • Fact Checker(s): Our ideal candidate for this role either has experience as a professional fact-checker or generalist researcher, or else has subject matter expertise in an area we want to cover in depth (AI, biosecurity, global health and development, etc.).  Time commitment is flexible.
  • Web/UX Developer: We're looking for a developer with design and UX experience who can work with our design team to help build the site. We anticipate this role taking approximately three months of part-time work, plus further availability on a consulting basis to help troubleshoot problems and implement new features. An ideal candidate would have experience in the following areas:
    • back end development with an eye for setting up a structure that can grow over time
    • front end development working with flat schematic architecture and templates, collaborating and refining for usability
    • design consultation/partnership on UX/UI
    • embedding and programming interactive graphics, set up templates for future graphics
    • design consultation on best practices for accessibility

Hello, are you still accepting applications for the part-time jobs?

The Cooperative AI Foundation (CAIF) is hiring for a Chief Operating Officer.

CAIF is a new charitable entity – backed by an initial endowment of $15 million – whose mission is to support research that will improve the cooperative intelligence of advanced AI for the benefit of all humanity. The role of Chief Operating Officer will be critical for the scaling and smooth running of the foundation, both now and in the years to come.

Learn more here and apply by 23 June 2022 23:59 UTC 10 July 2022 23:59 UTC. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to discuss the role, or CAIF's work, further before applying.

Hi all, I am hiring for a UK Policy Officer focusing on Alternative Proteins at the Jeremy Coller Foundation. The position is full-time, London based.

The Jeremy Coller Foundation is a strategic grant-making organisation and the philanthropic vehicle that seeks to address animal welfare, environmental and human health issues caused by factory farming through grant-making, the FAIRR Initiative and numerous other initiatives. Recent initiatives include a newly formed policy team, the launch of the Coller Animal Law Forum (CALF) and the podcast series Ctrl-Alt-Meat.

This is a newly created role to focus on the policy ecosystem related to alternative protein industry in the United Kingdom, and over time, globally. The initial focus of the role will be supporting the UK policy work, engaging policymakers and government stakeholders.

Rolling applications, you can apply here. Right to work in the UK required.

Suvita is looking for a Head of Operations / Head of Administration and Finance

Suvita is a startup nonprofit working to increase uptake of routine childhood immunisations in India. We are impact-focused and currently deliver two evidence-based programmes to boost attendance at vaccination appointments.

We’re seeking an operations specialist who will lead on delivering and strengthening Suvita’s operations across administration, finance and programmes. You will cover domains such as HR (onboarding & offboarding, contracts, policies), compliance (for multiple entities across different countries), finance, bookkeeping, funder reporting, infrastructure and equipment, and programme operational improvement.

The role will be a mixture of:

  • establishing new systems that don’t exist yet (for example building our Section 8 entity towards achieving FCRA registration in India) as well as
  • maintaining core functions and making them more efficient (for example HR operations like team contract renewals, and programme operations like survey management).

Read more about the role here! Scroll to the bottom of that page for the application link :)

Giving Green is hiring a student research intern!

We're an EA-aligned climate charity evaluator. We publish a guide to the most impactful, cost-effective donation opportunities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. Our guide has been featured in the Atlantic, the New York Times, Vox's Future Perfect, and more.

We're looking for someone - ideally a current student who can secure funding or credit from their university - to support the research that will go into this year's giving guide. We're open to part-time or full-time, and we're happy with summer or fall or some other time interval in 2022 that works for you.

Applications received by June 1 (that's this upcoming Wednesday) will receive priority consideration!

Full job description and application: https://www.givinggreen.earth/careers

The Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters (ALLFED) is hiring for multiple roles, including a 501(c)(3) Project Coordinator.

Hey! Consider adding buzzwords to this job postings in case candidates will run a search on all comments here rather than reading each one until they reach yours, which seems like what many would do.


(Big fan of ALLFED!)

CEEALAR (aka the EA Hotel) is hiring for a full-time Community Manager

Location: Blackpool, UK. To start mid-late September. Deadline to apply is Aug 21st (end of the day in your own timezone).

We are looking for a personable, empathetic, sociable, highly organised and conscientious person with high agency, or someone with a strong commitment to develop and embody those characteristics, to take on the challenge of managing our community.


  • Answering email enquiries;
  • Coordinating with Trustees and Advisors to vet applicants;
  • Interviewing applicants via video call;
  • Grantee onboarding;
  • Maintain community morale at a high level, and resolve conflict if it arises;
  • Organise and host regular group meetings (e.g. a weekly Friday night meeting to discuss logistics, talks, events and any other business), in coordination with the Operations Manager;
  • Admin the CEEALAR Discord server;
  • Public communication (e.g. keeping the website up to date, posting updates to social media and the EA Forum);
  • Working with the other managers to ensure that all tasks have someone taking responsibility for them, and none fall between the cracks;
  • Covering holidays for other staff (food/inventory management, cooking, admin), and ensuring your own holidays are covered;
  • Ad hoc tasks as required (can be outsourced), including back end administration and organisation. We are a “start-up” charity, with few staff and many varied tasks that need doing.  Part of the job will be prioritising among, and figuring out how to get done, many tasks that aren’t on this list. We want you to be enthusiastic about the organisation thriving, and do what it takes for this to happen, in collaboration with our Operations Manager and Trustees.

More info here.

The Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative (BERI) is seeking a Deputy Director to help me grow BERI's university collaborations program and create new programs, all with the mission of improving human civilization’s long-term prospects for survival and flourishing.

This is BERI's first "core" hire since I was hired 3 years ago—all of our hires since then are embedded at some particular research group, and aren't responsible for running BERI as an organization.

This is a great opportunity for an early- to mid-career person with some experience and interest in operations. I expect that the Deputy Director will contribute substantially to BERI's strategy and direction moving forward.

I'd prefer the person to be based in New York City (where I am), but remote is also an option. The position is full-time, and I expect the salary range to be $70-100k/year.

Here's a bunch of links to persuade you to work at BERI:

Read more and apply here.

Momentum is hiring a product manager and software engineers, with rolling applications for UX designers and partnerships managers. We work in-person in San Francisco and we can help with visas. We're looking for mission-aligned, talented people who are excited to move fast and break things. 

We're a venture-backed, EA startup that aims to increase effective giving by building donation pages that emphasize creative, recurring donations tied to moments in your life (e.g. offset your carbon footprint when you buy gas, or give to AI alignment every time you scroll Facebook) and we use behavioral science to nudge new donors to support EA charities. Read more about us here. 

Open roles

You can see all of our open roles here, but we’d love to hear from you even if you’re not a perfect fit for anything listed. We’re actively recruiting for:

  1. Product Manager: We’re hiring our first dedicated product manager. We’re looking for someone to work closely with design, growth, and tech to conduct user interviews, build roadmaps, specify features, and more.
  2. Software Engineer: We’re looking for engineers to meet our growing tech needs. If you have over two years of professional experience, we likely have use for you. We’re hiring mid to senior level engineers on frontend, backend, and full-stack.

More about our hiring.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can write a comment, send an email to ari@givemomentum.com, or apply to an open role. 

Just want to let you know that https://cancelcorona.org/ shows an error message, and it's linked to on the front page of https://givemomentum.com/.

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Thanks for flagging this Martin!

Open Philanthropy is hiring a Recruiting Manager to lead our recruiting team and help us achieve our ambitious growth targets. In this role, you would manage a small in-house recruiting team of 4-5 direct reports and serve as a critical advisor on hiring strategy and decisions as we continue to grow.

You don’t need to have already worked in a primarily recruiting-focused role (though it’s a plus!). Ultimately, we're looking for someone who deeply understands Open Philanthropy’s mission, shares our vision for the kind of organization we are working to become, and has the skills and experience to build the recruiting function that can get us there.

Apply here or share with others who might be a great fit!

Applications close at 5 pm PT on Monday, August 22nd.

Global Income Coin is a fully-backed stablecoin that invests its reserves in short-term treasury bills, then gives away the yield as universal basic income. We describe our model further in two EA Forum posts [1, 2].

 We're hiring across the board, with two priority hires being our Head of Community and Social Media Manager roles. But also, if you like what we're doing and want to pitch us on a role of your own design, we welcome this -- that's how I started working here, anyway. 

You can read a bit more about how we work here

Happy to answer any questions you might have!

The Center for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence (CHAI) at UC Berkeley is in need of a new Operations Assistant. The purpose of this position is to ensure smooth functioning of the CHAI organization by working with CHAI Assistant Director Martin Fukui and the rest of the team with a variety of tasks, described in the link below under 'Responsibilities'. Some of this work can be done remotely, but some work must be done on campus, primarily at Berkeley Way West.


for more information about the role, please contact andrew@humancompatible.ai 

The Pandemic Prevention Network is looking to bring onboard another Co-Founder to help us build a safer world against the threat of pandemics and to improve global health security.
This role will be significant to help shape a growing organisation, set strong foundations, and lead the execution of an ambitious vision to improve global resilience against future pandemics. This is an opportunity well suited for individuals driven by a high-impact career who bring vision and initiative to lead on many fronts and have a robust entrepreneurial spirit.We will interview candidates on a rolling basis and close the application once the position is filled.

Find out more about the role and criteria here: https://www.pandemicpreventionnetwork.org/cofounder-application 

About Us

Born during the peak COVID-19 crisis, Pandemic Prevention Network is a non-profit organisation mobilising citizens to play an important role in advocacy and to influence policy to protect humanity against the threat of future outbreaks. We are driven by our vision to create a world that is free of pandemics, for both current and future generations. Given the neglectedness of mitigating the risks from gain of function and dual use research, we take a strategic focus on improving global resilience to the threat of engineered pandemics, which pose an even greater risk than natural outbreaks to the future of humanity.

To understand more behind our ideation, you can view this Effective Altruism forum post

About the role

The co-founder will report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and will work very closely with them to execute on the organisation strategy, help scale the operations, set a framework for internal and external evaluation, establish concrete decision making structures and manage project delivery.

This is a fully remote opportunity with the flexibility to set your own work hours (expected minimum is 25-30 hours/week). We prioritise the quality and output of your performance rather than the set number of hours worked every week.

Click here to learn more and apply!

Job Title: Director of Operations & Outreach

Organization: The Center for Election Science

Location: Virtual (US Based)

Salary: $65,000 + great benefits

More info and application process in the link: https://electionscience.org/ces-updates/were-hiring-a-director-of-operations-and-outreach

Redwood Research is hiring for a number of Technical and Non Technical roles:



Redwood Research is a research organization with the mission of aligning superhuman AI. In addition to our primary work of applied AI alignment research, Redwood hosts and operates Constellation, a shared office space we created to foster knowledge-sharing and collaboration between longtermist organizations. People from the following organizations often work from the space: Paul Christiano’s Alignment Research Center, MIRI, and Open Philanthropy.

Hey! I suggest adding buzzwords here like "software" and "ML", in case people search for those instead of going through all job postings one by one


Also, many software developers are surprised to find out they can apply to Redwood with no ML or [AI Alignment research] background, which I'd recommend putting in big red letters or something, assuming it's still true. (I sometimes talk to people who don't apply to you until they finish spending several months learning ML)


(Big fan, thanks for saving the world, would be happy to help with this if you... (read more)

EA marketing agency User-Friendly is looking for a PT Content Coordinator freelancer. The role will be to help our clients manage their online presence and marketing activities.

Location: Remote however compatibility with the UK time zone would be preferred
Remuneration: £25,000 (pro-rata)
Hours: 25 hours per week
Duration: Until 31st December 2022 (with the possibility of extension)
Contract Type: You will be contracted on a freelance basis
Start Date: As soon as possible


Application deadline: Friday 8th July


Find the full job advert here

Climate Refarm is hiring for a managing director!

We are a public benefit corporation aiming to accelerate the transition to a just, plant-based  food system using the voluntary carbon market. We’re developing the first carbon crediting methodology for plant-based food procurement, which recognizes and quantifies the avoided emissions associated with dietary shifts. Leveraging this methodology, we seek to partner with plant-based advocacy organizations to subsidize plant-based foods in institutions like schools, hospitals, and universities through the sale of carbon credits.

About the role

We are looking for a fourth co-founder to join our team on a full-time basis as a managing director. The Managing Director will play a critical role in developing our program for food procuring institutions. You’ll lead pilot projects with food procurement institutions from customer discovery through implementation and monitoring. This will involve working alongside partner nonprofit organizations to secure plant-based menu commitments from food procuring institutions, and coordinating with menu design and kitchen operations consultants to carry out project implementation. You’ll also help us set up outreach and sales processes for carbon credit purchasers, who provide the up-front funding needed to make projects happen.  Most importantly, you’ll help us translate what we learn from customer discovery and pilot project implementation into an approach that can scale to thousands of institutions and billions of meals.

As a co-founder, you will have substantial responsibilities and discretion to shape the company’s trajectory. We're looking for someone who is entrepreneurial, highly committed to effective environmentalism and animal advocacy, and eager to put their imprint on an exciting social impact company.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, you can learn more about the position, preferred qualifications, working conditions and the application process here. Please direct any questions to careers@climaterefarm.com.

Apply to join the EAGxIndia 2023, the Future Forum and the EAGxBerkeley 2023 teams. The application takes 15 minutes and the deadline is Tuesday May 31st at 11:59pm Pacific Time. We are also seeking (separate application) volunteers to run EAGxSingapore 2022.  Read more.

These roles are a great fit for someone who:

  • Wants to test their fit for event management, operations and community building
  • Depending on team structure:
    • Has the capacity to take on 5-10 hours of flexible work per week leading up to the conference
    • Is able to work full- or near-fulltime 2 weeks before the conference
  • Could be good fits for any of the following (specific needs will vary based on the location)
    • Strategy (Goals, Metrics)
    • Project management (Budgeting, Team lead, Evaluation
    • Production (Venue, Catering, AV, Health & Safety)
    • Admissions (Application review, Stewardship)
    • Content (Speaker Selection & Liaison, Swapcard Manager)
    • Communications (Emails, Marketing, PR, Website)
  • Is organized, reliable, and handles crisis situations well


  • Pay: All positions are paid, exact compensation will vary by event. EAGx organizers are paid the standard CEA contractor rate, read more here.
  • Location
    • The EAGxBerkeley and India roles are mostly remote—you don’t have to be based in India or the Bay. You’ll likely be expected to attend 1-2 pre-event retreats and a requirement that all core team members are in-person at least 1 week before the event. All else equal we would prefer to have people in similar timezones for better coordination.
    • The Future Forum would prefer in-person roles, in June and July, based in the Bay Area. They can compensate some of the travel cost.
  • Team structure: Team structures are very flexible and depend on the applicants we get and their strengths.


AI Safety Support is a nonprofit with a mission to reduce existential risk from advanced AI by providing support for anyone who wants to contribute to work on the project of AI Safety.

We are hiring a Chief Operating Officer (COO) to be the right-hand person for our CEO. The COO will work to identify processes to scale AISS and create efficiencies, as well as set ambitious and achievable goals for operational excellence. 

If your dream job is to have a high impact, you love to travel and you are known for creating streamlined systems and procedures, then you might be the perfect fit as Chief Operating Officer for AI Safety Support.

Deadline: 14 August 2022 11:59PM Pacific

Work Location: Remote

Compensation: Salaries at AISS account for relevant experience. For this role we expect salaries offered to be between $70,000 and $90,000 USD. Due to the importance of this particular role, however, and higher salaries for similar roles in the private sector, we are open to considering a substantially higher salary range if this would impact the decision of our preferred candidate.

For more details about the role, why it’s impactful and how to tell if you’re a good fit please click here.

If you have any questions regarding the position, get in contact via Neil Ferro - Hiring Consultant neil.e.ferro@gmail.com or JJ Hepburn - CEO jj@aisafetysupport.org

The RESILIENCER Project (Ramifications of Experimentation into SRM In Light of its Impacts on Existential, Negative-state and Civilisational Endangering Risks) are looking to hire some researchers. Currently the team is exceptionally small (me plus a few others advising and mentoring), but we are looking to expand. 

The project is exploring the interaction of solar radiation modification and existential risk, GCRs, societal collapse and negative state risks, with an aim to be as rigorous and thorough in the exploration of the field as possible. Thus, we need to expand to people with appropraite expertise.

In particular, we are looking for people with expertise in at least one of the following areas:

  • SRM
  • Social sciences data analysis
  • STS, in particular the relationship between research and technology deployment and the role of imaginings in the eventual usage of technology in society
  • Collapseology, GCRs and X-Risk
  • Climate Modelling

As the project goes on, our list of needed areas may expand. Moreover, if you have expertise in other areas you think might be relevant, please do apply as well.

These roles will be remote, short term and part time. Rate will be negotiable as the researcher positions will be tailormade for the candidates (apologies we can't advertise the rates upfront, but what exactly the roles will even entail will only be developed once the right candidate(s) have been found).

The application form is pretty short, and if we think you look promising, we will set up a call to discuss what you can offer!

The form to apply is on our website https://www.resiliencer.org/input

Travel 🌎🌴 +Longtermism ❌🖇🦠💣 Job! 

Nonlinear is hiring an Executive Assistant/Operations Manager. 

Salary $60-100K USD, depending on experience. 

You might be a great fit if…

  • You love to travel
  • You obsess over increasing productivity and organization for yourself and your teammates
  • You don’t mind paperwork and routine tasks 
  • You get joy and satisfaction from making things easier for someone else 
  • You’d like to be one of the first members of a fast-growing EA startup with lots of opportunities for career progression.​

Click here for more and apply by July 21.

Nonlinear is looking at people with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. We hope you’ll err on the side of applying! 

21st Talks, a growing existential risk and EA-focused media organization with a podcast and youtube channel, is looking for a content admin/research assistant.

The role is not currently fully funded but the content admin will receive royalties. 
The responsibilities include taking over the reins of strategizing potential podcast guests and setting up interviews via writing the guest directly or their PR team.

We are looking for someone who is also able to meet once a week to go over that upcoming content, and plan monthly content calendars, along with someone proficient in working on public communication-focused research projects. 

The role will be 5 hours a week and should be a lot of fun. Current university students who are looking to be involved in EA communication seem like great fits. Bonus points if you're in or near Ithaca NY where our current production team (Coleman Snell, Justin Dmelio) attends university. 

More details are available to anyone interested. You can shoot me an email at cjs386@cornell.edu, using the subject line "21st Talks Content Admin Inquiry"! 

Have a great rest of your week! 

Pandemic Prevention Network are looking for a Cofounder and Head of Market Research (summer internship)

Born during the peak of the COVID-19 crisis, Pandemic Prevention Network is a non-profit organisation mobilising citizens to play an important role in advocacy and to influence policy to protect humanity against the threat of future outbreaks. We are driven by our vision to create a world that is free of pandemics, for both current and future generations. Given the neglectedness of mitigating the risks from gain of function and dual use research, we take a strategic focus on improving global resilience to the threat of engineered pandemics, which pose an even greater risk than natural outbreaks to the future of humanity.  

To understand more behind our ideation, you can view an Effective Altruism forum post by our Founder. 

Summer Internship

The Head of Market Research will play a significant role in helping us position our communications, marketing and core campaign strategy for building public advocacy for pandemic prevention. It’s an exciting opportunity to take a lead on a key research project and develop leadership, project planning, report writing and communication skills. This role is suitable for an undergraduate or postgraduate student who is ambitious, self-driven, and has an interest in pandemic prevention, biosecurity or health policy.


The role of Cofounder/COO will be significant to help shape a high-impact non-profit organisation, set strong foundations, and lead on the execution of an ambitious vision to improve global resilience against future pandemics. This is an opportunity well suited for individuals who are driven by a high-impact career, bring vision and initiative to lead on many fronts and have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. 

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions!

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The forum should be the defacto place for job posting.  Allow anyone to submit, jobs are hidden by default, forum users can sort by karma, would be a better way to see all the jobs in one place and filter them.

I wrote about it here https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/uxfWrFNH7jSSGhkkS/unofficial-pr-faq-posting-more-jobs-to-the-forum-but-they 

Just want to say that I think threads like this are a beautiful addition to the Forum and a real step up from the 80k jobs board.

I'm really surprised to read this, I think the 80k jobs board is awesome!

In what ways do you think this format is an improvement?

Decentralized / less gatekept, postings can be voted on, more ability to customize contact info / next steps. 

(Nothing against the 80k board, which is also a valuable service.)

Is there a way to sort answers by newest? I'm not seeing that option. It would be useful for finding new answers I haven't seen yet.

It's now possible to sort answers by date! \o.o/

Lorenzo didn't mention that he built the dang feature himself. Thanks Lorenzo. Also thanks Ryan for the suggestion.

Fantastic! Thank you!

I don't know if there's an easy way to sort by newest, made a quick and dirty codepen using the forum API https://codepen.io/lorenzo-buonanno/full/xxYjvgW 

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Very cool, thank you!

I recommend adding all the related buzzwords (for example, both "frontend" and "web", not just one of them),

in future posts,

to make it easier for candidates to search for relevant positions



I really like this post btw

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